Ideas For Announcing Pregnancy

You have found out that are you are expecting a baby and you can’t wait to tell everyone! How will you tell your family, friends, co-workers and even acquaintances? There are so many great ideas for announcing pregnancy that can be cute, creative and fun. Depending on who you are announcing your pregnancy news to, you may want a different approach to announcing your pregnancy.

We have so many new and unique ways to announce your pregnancy that will become a memory that will last a lifetime.

What Is A Pregnancy Announcement?

A pregnancy announcement is the way that you announce your pregnancy to people around you. There are many fun and creative ways to announce to the people you love that you are pregnant.

When Should I Announce My Pregnancy?

You get to choose when you want to announce your pregnancy. This is your special time and you can tell people right away or even towards the end of your pregnancy. This choice is up to you. Many families choose to wait until they are finished their first trimester. Once those three months have passed, more people feel comfortable announcing their pregnancy.

How To Make A Pregnancy Announcement Special

Families can announce pregnancies in many different ways. From cute to creative, everyone is entitled to let their creative juices soar on how to tell family members they are having a baby.

Different pregnancy announcements for different people

Some people choose to do different pregnancy announcements for different people. Telling your family in a wonderful, meaningful way will not have the same impact on acquaintances or even coworkers. Some pregnant people decide to tell different social groups about their pregnancy in different ways. Some groups to consider are:


Your family should be the most excited. Parents of the couple having a baby would want to be one of the first people to know. It is an honor to find out about your child. Your immediate family (Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, close aunts, uncles and cousins) will want to be in the know first. If you are close with your family, this is the pregnancy announcement to be creative with.

Close Friends

Close friends are like the family that you get to choose. You can do something special with them or include them in telling your family about the big news.


Friends are going to be thrilled that you are having a baby and they will love a sweet way to announce that you are pregnant.


Your co workers will be wondering why you may be feeling sick during that meeting. Depending on the corporate culture, workplace environment and your relationship with your co-workers, you can have fun with this one or just do a simple announcement so people know! You can also let Human Resources know officially first in an email so you have it documented that you are pregnant.


For those who are farther away, acquaintances will probably learn about your pregnancy in passing or social media. Posting something on social media when you are ready will be a lovely surprise for your acquaintances.

Don’t Feel Pressure

Remember that you don’t have to feel pressure to tell people about your pregnancy at a certain time. You don’t have to share publicly and you do not have to do a big “to do” to impress others if you don’t feel like it. Keeping it to yourself, taking time to process or just enjoying the pregnancy for a while without telling others is alright as well. Though you do have an obligation to tell the other birth parent, you can wait and do it at your speed.

If this is something that you are excited to do, then read below to find so many inspiring ways to tell others that you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy announcements are meant to spread love and good news about the new baby joining your family, friends and community. It is a sweet way to begin your journey as a parent. Whether this is your first pregnancy or fourth, you can celebrate the new life that you are bringing to this world. IT is on your time and you can tell people your way. There are many types of pregnancy announcements depending on your journey to parenthood. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you. Be sure to follow the creators we mention, they are doing such a great job giving parenting content to all!

Themed Pregnancy Announcement

Having a theme for your pregnancy announcement is a creative way to announce you are going to have another adorable baby! You can do this in two ways. Firstly, you can announce your pregnancy around a holiday! From Christmas lights around Christmas time to a cool Halloween costume, this is a great way to fit your pregnancy announcement to the holiday of this time.

Secondly, families can create a themed pregnancy announcement based on things that the family loves to do. These are memorable for those who know the family well and what they love.

1. Travel Theme

Loving this themed travel pregnancy announcement that Meraki Dezign has promoted. Follow them for more great ideas.

2. Taco Tuesday Theme


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A post shared by Whitney M. Bain (@whitbm07)

Taco Tuesday just got way more wonderful with this adorable couple’s themed pregnancy announcement! Follow Whitney M Bain for more content!

3. FRIENDS Show Pregnancy Announcement

For the friends fan! This is so cute and a wonderful theme for those who were huge fans of one of the biggest sitcoms ever created! Follow CCCREATIONS_MTL for more content.

4. Easter Surprise Announcement

This is an adorable way to announce an Easter blessing with a family expanding!

Cute Pregnancy Announcement

Cute pregnancy announcements are not only absolutely adorable but they are a great way to keep a memorable way of telling your family that you are having a baby.

5. Let Them Eat Cake!

A delicious cake with a keepsake topper is a great way to show your loved ones that you are expecting. Top it off with a delicious slice of cake and families will remember this for years to come.

6. Baking Something Extra Sweet

An adorable way to tell your friends and family that you’re pregnant. Something important is in the oven!

7. A Special Scoop

This little one has the special scoop on her new sibling!

8. Tea Time Announcement

All Things Mum has a beautiful tea time announcement to celebrate this pregnancy. This adorable set up is a perfect way to announce a pregnancy. Follow all Things Mum for more adorable content.

9. Only Child to A Baby Bestie

Transitioning from an only child to a dynamic duo is exciting. Here is a great way to include your other child in your pregnancy announcement.

10. Tell Everyone With A Treat!

Give everyone a sweet treat while telling them that you are expecting! Follow Little Loves Creative for their sweet way of telling friends and family a baby is on the way!

11. Treat The Family

Here is another delicious way to honor those who will be closest to your baby. Mumzels has the most adorable fondant topper treats.

12.Big Brother Promotion

Announcing sibling promotion to big siblings is the cutest way to announce your second, third or fourth child. Have tee shirts made so it becomes a keepsake for the family. How adorable is this idea?

Follow Kiki Creative Studio for more inspiration.

13.The Tie Breaker


This adorable pregnancy announcement also involving the other siblings which makes this extra special. A post that bekahleannephotography shared from a post shared by Bekah and Jesse is the perfect way to involve the family on the announcement of this new special addition to a family!

14. Surprise For Your Spouse!

Telling your husband that you are pregnant can be such an exciting moment in your lives together. Ems_rosey_life did this is the perfect way. Follow this account for more content.

15. The Tie Breaker- Sweetness For The Whole Family

Audrey Roloff had a great idea for announcing her third baby by using the whole family! Another idea for a tie breaker baby announcement. Follow Audrey Roloff for more content.

First Pregnancy Announcement

If this is your first pregnancy, this announcement is extra special. It shows people that you are going to become parents for the first time. Your family is expanding and you get to celebrate a baby coming into the family. It is the first baby for you and everyone is going to be excited about this new time in life that is going to begin.

16. No Sleep Announcement

This is a funny first pregnancy announcement that every parent can relate to. This is a great and humorous way to get some laughs and a whole lot of love after you announce your pregnancy.

17. Dad and Dad Bod

Dad and Dad bod are ready to be promoted when you announce that you are having a baby!

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

When coming up with a pregnancy announcement, people love ones that are so funny! A funny pregnancy announcement makes us all laugh and celebrate at the same time the new baby coming. Baby is on the way, along with a couple of laughs!

18. The Pet Lovers Funny Furry Announcement

Your furbabies are the star of this pregnancy announcement. Promoted to guard dog, their new bestie is coming in just a few short months!

19. For Funny Families With More Than One Child

Charissa LittleJohn has families loving this third baby pregnancy announcement! Follow Charissa LittleJohn for more fabulous content.

20. Top Style for A Pregnancy Announcement

One amazing shirt for Mom to be and one hilarious shirt for Dad to be make up this hilarious pregnancy announcement. Follow Classy Cameo Couture for more content.

21. New Beginnings

Sometimes in hard times a beautiful baby comes! This post is so relatable. Follow Lyric Saint for more content.

22.For The Friends Fan

When you love the show FRIENDS, this is the perfect way to tell everyone that you are pregnant! This is such a great tee shirt from CCREATIONS_MTL. Follow them for more fabulous content.

Ways to Announce a pregnancy on social media

Sometimes you cannot tell everyone that you are expecting in person. There are family members and friends that live far away and some of your social life is on social media.

When announcing a pregnancy on social media, decide whether you want it to be public or private. If you are a private person, make sure that your accounts are set to “private.” Alternatively, if you are looking to celebrate and share your awesome idea with the public, make sure your post or your account is set to public.

Secondly, you have to choose what social media outlets you want to announce your pregnancy on! You may love TikTok but your favorite Aunt is only on Facebook. Plan a great way to tell people on social media on outlets. While Linkedin may be more of a business way to network, Instagram is a great way to share with your family and friends. Choose social media outlets that the people you love are on and plan how you will announce your pregnancy there. If you want to tell a story, it is easier to do so on Facebook or Instagram or TikTok than on Twitter. Alternatively, you can share videos on all of these mediums. Find what works best for you and the family and friends you are trying to reach. Post in those spaces!

Here are some great inspirational posts on social media that people love.

23. Announce With A Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test is a great way to announce that you are pregnant! You can get creative on how you display it and your content but it sends the message, you are expecting!

This is a great way to let anyone know you are expecting. It works for family, friends and co-workers. Follow Jennifer Mercier ND, PhD for more content.

24. With an Ultrasound

This is the first official picture of your baby and you get to share this first photo with the entire world! An ultrasound is amazing and there are so many ways you can use your ultrasound pictures and video for your pregnancy announcement!

Follow North Island Photography and Films for more content.

25. With A BackBoard

Highlight the details of your little one in a special way with a backboard. You can put your announcement, due date and any other information that you would like to add! There are so many delightful ways to highlight your background to make it your own or just keep it simple!

This elegant photo gives the details everyone is excited to learn! Follow the Hugman Household for more fabulous content.

Pregnancy Announcement After A Loss

You have lost a baby before and it is beyond painful for you. Now you are pregnant with a beautiful baby. Many refer to this as a rainbow baby. Though your loss is felt within your community and family, you are ready to celebrate your new baby. There are many ways to honor your new baby and the baby you lost in these touching Pregnancy Announcements.

26. A Beautiful Beginning

Getting pregnant is so hard for so many families. If you are struggling to get pregnant, you are certainly not alone. Many families seek IVF treatment. Sometimes it is successful, sometimes it is not. Every time, it is a difficult journey. Here is a beautiful pregnancy announcement that highlights the loss, strength and power families have. We were very moved by this post.

Follow The Lgbt Mummies Tribe for more inspiring content.

27. Your Rainbow Has Arrived

This touching post celebrates a baby coming and honors the ones that were lost. A beautiful and touching pregnancy announcement. Follow Nutrition for Mamas.

28. Celebrate and Commemorate

Jill Duggar gives a beautiful tribute to her new addition involving the whole family. She also pays homage to the child that was lost. A sweet message that bonds their family and celebrates the new arrival.

Pregnancy Announcement To An Uncle

Uncles play a very special and important role in our child’s lives. They can be fun and playful. Ont the other hand, they can be filled with love and advice. An uncle is like another father and at times fills in that role for a child when needed. For that special uncle in your future child’s life, here are some sweet ways to let him know he is going to be an uncle!

29. A Special Message

Check out this Etsy site to purchase these adorable cards.

30. Promotion to Uncle

When your brother gets promoted to Uncle, everyone celebrates!

Pregnancy Announcement To An Aunt

An aunt is someone who can be playful and fun but also be like a second mother to your child. Full of love and light, an aunt plays an important role in your child’s life.

31. Surprise Sister With This Keepsake

Baby announcements are so sweet as your sister or sister in law gets promoted to Aunt.

32. A Picture Paints 1000 Words

A portrait to remember what a wonderful sister she is and what a wonderful aunt she will be.

Pregnancy Announcement For Grandparents

There is something incredibly special about your babies having babies. Grandparents can feel like a parent promotion! Let’s honor this new and exciting journey for your parents with an adorable pregnancy announcement.

33.Something Special About Those Mugs

These mugs are a perfect way for your parents to find out that they are about to become grandparents!

34. The Grandparents Starter Kit

A grandparents starter kit is a perfect gift for the grandparents to be. It is a great way to make a pregnancy announcement. It will get such a wonderful and surprised reaction when they open up their care kit.

35. The Grandparent Promotion

From Dad to Granddad. This creative announcement is not only a great way to tell Dad he is going to be a Grandpa, but also an excellent keepsake. There is no doubt that this will be Grandpa’s favorite mug!

36. Grandparent Reservation

It’s time to reserve grandparents baby time! Book your parent’s permanent reservation with this adorable onesie that will also be a keepsake for years to come.

37. Uncover The Puzzle

A sweet little surprise for the puzzler in your life. Solve the puzzle and discover that your loved one is about to be a grandparent!

Announcing A Pregnancy To A Partner

Congratulations, you have found out that you are pregnant but now you get the exciting honor of telling your partner. You can do this in a creative way with these amazing ideas.

38. Nice to Meet You Daddy

Saying hello to your future parent never looked so cool! We love this onesie that you can present to your partner.

39. For The Gamer

For your gamer partner, this is a great way to announce that a new player is permanently entering the game.

40. Dad Jokes Upgraded

Your partner’s jokes have now upgraded… to Dad jokes! For the funny person in your life, this is a great way of announcing this permanent promotion.

Announcing A Pregnancy

Announcing your pregnancy is an exciting time. You have to decide how you will announce your pregnancy to your friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances. It’s okay to do it all at once but many families prefer to tell their loved ones first. Many families wait at least three months until they reveal that they’re pregnant.

It is completely up to you how long to wait to tell others, how to tell others and the way your announce it. Enjoy your special time and celebrate! You are going to be a parent.