Here are our favorite part-time jobs for stay-at-home moms.

1. Editor/Proofreader

There’s nothing worse than scrolling through a blog post, a news article or a book, only to find a glaring typo that you can’t stop looking at. That’s why so many authors, bloggers and journalists employe editors or proofreaders to make sure there aren’t any mistakes in their work.

Keep in mind that some editing positions will require a master’s degree or specific training, but you can find plenty of entry-level editing jobs that you can do from the comfort of your laptop while your kids run around your desk.

2. In-Home Daycare Proprietor

If you love taking care of kids, why not make some money while you’re doing it? Turning your house into an in-home daycare may require some preparation — in most states, you need special licensing to run a daycare out of your home — but in others, you might be able to put an ad in your local paper and start accepting families.

Chances are, your house is still babyproofed, because who has time to take off all those cabinet locks and plug protectors anyway?

3. Tutor

If you have school-aged children — or even if you don’t and are skilled in a specific subject such as math or English, you can make some money as a part-time tutor for other students. You’ll find that many parents are looking for someone to help their son or daughter who is struggling with one or all of their subjects. You will need to prove your competence in the subject you’ll be teaching, but there is no additional education or certification you need to be a part-time tutor.

4. Part-Time Bus Driver

For a stay-at-home mom, the day your youngest child starts school is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, you’ve got the days to yourself now while they’re learning their ABCs and 123s, but if you don’t have something to keep you occupied, you might go a little stir crazy. Becoming a part-time bus driver is a great way to stay busy during the day, but still come home when your little ones do.

You don’t need any prior education to become a bus driver, and most companies will train you once you get hired. In some situations, you can even bring your younger children with you while you drive students to and from school.

5. Data Entry Specialist

If you can type quickly, pay close attention to detail and need a part-time job that you can do from home, becoming a data entry specialist is a great way to earn some money and keep yourself from going stir-crazy during the day.

Most data entry positions don’t require any previous experience. If you can pass a typing test, have a basic grasp of the English language and are good at paying attention to detail, you can make a living as a part-time data entry specialist.

6. English Teacher

If you’re a bit of a night owl or prefer working after the kids have gone to bed, you have the option of teaching English remotely to children overseas. Some companies may require that you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject, but others are perfect for entry-level work. If you have a bachelor’s degree you’re not doing anything with, why not look into teaching English to children in China or elsewhere?

The only real downside of this job is the hours. You’ll be working on local time for your students, so you may end up starting work at 3 am because of the time difference. If you don’t mind late hours, this could be a great part-time job opportunity for you.

7. Graphic Designer

If you’re artistic, becoming a stay-at-home graphic designer can be a great way to put those creative skills to use. You will need to have a portfolio of previous work, as well as the hardware and software necessary to complete the job, but a skilled graphic designer can set their own hours, and earn a decent income from the comfort of their own home.

For this part-time job, it helps to have some previous experience in graphic design, but if you have enough talent and persistence, you can make a name for yourself without ever having worked as a professional graphic designer.

Don’t Give up Looking

Finding a part-time job as a stay-at-home mom can be challenging. You have to find something that works with your schedule, and more importantly, with your kid’s schedule. Most of these jobs can be done from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to stay at home and scrub your baseboards just because you’re a stay-at-home mom. Check out some of these part-time jobs to help you find something to keep you occupied while the little ones are sleeping or at school.