The Big Bad Bully By Jack Canfield

Are you Raising or Teaching A Bully?

When you are bullied, that can stay with you well into adulthood if someone does not intervene or if the child does not seek help. Words have power and what other people say about us could lift us into success or bury us in a deep, dark place for a long time. Award winning speaker and an internationally recognized leader in personal development and peak performance strategies Jack Canfield has authored a book, The Big Bad Bully that is going to have both parents and children changing their perspective on bullying.

Jack has created a book where you yourself can be the character. You worry about this main character’s bully as the bully is changing how the character sees herself. There are questions to start dialogue with your child about being bullied. This is really empowering not only for the child but for the parent as well.

The Big Bad Bully is small enough that it could fit into a backpack and is an important tool for engaging children and preteens and parents about the impressions we make on ourselves about our thoughts and self-talk. The exercises at the back of the book are going to help parents better understand the day to day thoughts of their children.

Who Is The Real Bully?

We hear about bullies in school and they can devastate a child’s self-esteem, but do we hear about the bully that is within us? Are we raising children that have an internal dialogue that makes them bully themselves? That can be just as damaging, if not more and last well into adulthood. That bully inside can be with your child for their rest of their life if they don’t address the untruths head on.

The Inspiration behind the Big Bad Bully

When Jack saw his daughter standing in the mirror criticizing herself he was surprised. She was saying all kinds of awful things about her appearance and no matter how he said loving compliments back, he knew nothing was taking effect. She ignored all positive attributes and qualities and then Jack said it. “You’re bullying yourself.” That is when everything changed.

Why This Book Is For Every Child

Jack Canfield knew there was a need for children to see themselves differently and change their internal dialogue. They just had to identify a bully that they may be living with, themselves. This book is important and to the point and is small enough to fit into a purse, small book bag and more. It is a great reminder for children (and adults too) that you need to confront yourself and really dig deeply with how you talk to yourself. What does your internal dialogue sound like every day?

Illustrator Miriam Laundry’s pictures really has the reader guessing who the bully is until the very end. The expressions on the main character’s face really take you into her dread, loss and then empowerment.

The Big Bad Bully by Jack Canfield is a must read for your school aged child to read and understand to love themselves and to start their “beginning” off right by identifying the bully within. A must read!