the boy who spoke to the earth


Do you look for that one special children’s book that will enlighten and change your child for the better? The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth will be that book that speaks to your child.

Author Chris Burkard does just that by writing eloquently yet simply for your child. A boy is trying to find happiness. He searches around the world, trying to find ‘happiness’, this feeling that he wants to experience. The earth teaches him a valuable lesson, which we won’t give away, but your children (and maybe you) will look at the world around you differently.

The illustrations in this book are simply stunning and will blow your child away. There is power behind each picture. Read it and find out how.

We assure you that this book will ‘speak’ to your child and it is a must have for your family book shelf. Your child will connect with nature in a different way after this book and it sets your child up for thinking on a higher level.

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