The Comfy Dream

After a long day of work, school and keeping a float, sometimes its great to feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Families need to spoil themselves and the way they can start is with The Comfy Dream

What Is The Comfy Dream?

blanket sweater

This beautiful piece is the blanket that you can wear! We love how it is so soft and light and comes in fun colors. It is like living in a dream. Whether you are working from home, having a sleepy day or just want to wear something so comfy before bed, The Comfy Dream is like a warm hug.

This is one of the best buys you will ever make for your entire family. Worried about sizing? You can count on this brand! It has generous material, leaving you swimming in the softest thing you have ever worn. This is available to parents and children of all ages and sizes. The  Comfy Dream does not discriminate! Everyone deserves a chance to feel like they are in a cocoon.

How Do I Wash The Comfy Dream?

blanket you can wear

Just simply wash your Comfy Dream in cold water and tumble dry separately at a low temperature.

The Story Behind The Brand

When brothers Brian and Michael believed people deserve to be comfortable, they made this amazing wearable blanket. The went to Shark Tank and mad ea deal with Barbara Corcoran! Now, they have the most comfiest sweater blanket out there for families to love and enjoy.

The comfy dream colors

Why The Comfy?

Are there are other comfy sweater blankets? Possibly. We have had slip on blankets and they are either super soft and come apart in the wash or they are washer friendly and not super soft. This blanket has the best of both worlds. Pregnant Moms or parents can feel so comfortable as they grow. There is room for every body type in The Comfy Dream. It is washer friendly and the colors are really nice! Most of all, it is so unbeliveably comfy.

After a hard day, many families are moving non stop. From sports to school, everyone is always on the go. When they come home in the evening, everyone just wants to relax and enjoy each other. That is why this blanket is a perfect gift for the entire family. Whether you are traveling or coming back from a hard day, stay comfy, be in the Comfy Dream!

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