The Crayon’s Christmas

Christmas is here and Duncan is making Christmas cards for each and everyone of his friends with his trusty crayons. Little did anyone know what kind of excitement was going to happen.

Your child will be transported into a world of fun and enjoyment with The Crayon’s Christmas. Not only does author Drew Daywalt tell a hilarious and witty tale with each colored crayon, but your child will have an envelope to open for each crayon that tells a story and has goodies inside!

Each story of each envelope that your child can actually open is witty, interesting and will help your child understand humor, personality in characters and how to properly address an envelope!

What your child will learn

There are so many skills your child will learn from The Crayon’s Christmas. Not only will they be entertained by the hilarious and witty storyline of some very interesting crayons (check out the toddler crayon!) but they will learn how to read letters and how to address an envelope. Your child will also learn about humor which for some of them, this will be the first book to do so. They will be delighted to open up each package or envelope and get little presents in each (we love the Christmas tree decorations) and so much more. The pictures by Oliver Jeffers are going to entertain your children

Extra Credit

Have your child write their best friend or a family member. Have them create a Christmas letter and add a little paper gift inside. Get them to address the letter and put the stamp on!


The Crayon’s Christmas

Give your child a book that will entertain them for hours! Whether you have a long ride ahead on your Christmas season or just a great book at home that your whole family will love, this is the book that your whole family will enjoy and children of all ages!