THE IDEAL DIET – How to Lose or Gain Weight

By: Hung Nguyen

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This diet has two great advantages. The first is that the dieter can eat as much as she likes. The second is that whereas it takes off weight very quickly in cases where weight is not wanted, it builds up those who are too thin because they have weak digestions. Its disadvantage is that it sounds complicated. But once the principles have been grasped it is in practice quite easy to carry out.


These are the rules:

(1) No drinking with meals or for an hour before or after.

(2) No chocolate, pastry or bread.

(3) Only three meals a day.

(4) All food must be divided into three classes:

— Proteids: Meat, game, fish,milk, cheese, nuts, peas, beans, lentils,etc.

— Starches and sugars: toast, biscuits, etc., rice, sago, etc., macaroni, etc., sugar, sugar fruits (dates, figs, etc., bananas, breakfast foods (grape-nuts, etc.), root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc.), honey.

— Green vegetables, acid fruits (apples, tomatoes, currants, oranges, etc.).


On no account must anything included in the proteids be eaten at the same meal as anything included in the starches, and sugars. For example, macaroni must not be cooked in milk. Peas must not be eaten with meat or fish. But the vegetable foods can be eaten with either ofthe other classes.


The diet must be adhered to in every particular.

Arranging the Meals

It is possible to make the starch meal either breakfast or lunch. Breakfast can be composed of a cereal and cream, toast or biscuits, and honey or fig jam. Luncheon could consist of macaroni, carrots cooked in cream, a green salad, bananas, dates, figs or ice cream.


Most people prefer to eat their starches and sugars, at breakfast and their proteids at dinner or luncheon, e.g., fish, egg, or meat, peas or bean salad, or cooked greens, stewed or raw acid fruit with cream or cream cheese, but no sugar.


The whole diet breaks down if even one mouthful of: toast or biscuit, or a sprinkling of sugar is eaten with either of these meals. Jams and marmalade (unless made of figs, dates or bananas, without any seasoning such as lemon juice) are of course forbidden, and milk must not be drunk in tea or coffee, if sugar is taken.


Any reader who thinks of trying this scheme for a weak digestion should at first avoid nuts and any particular food, such as strawberries or honey, which she knows disagrees with her.


Dieters should be careful to drink about six pints of liquid a day. – Tips for healthy lifestyle and fitness