It is crucial to watch over your new baby in his/her early stages especially in keeping your relationship with him/her. Many parents tend to create a safe zone for their toddler or baby to secure them when they play or touch something. That’s why you need to read articles before you create that safe zone or play yard you can buy in the store.

In this article, we took several considerations for parents who want to set the ultimate baby play yard. Those considerations are the essential needs of babies including their enjoyment and safety. Maybe some of you think to save more budgets and just create an affordable play yard. But it doesn’t mean that it will be the best for babies. So make sure that you pay attention to our compilation of important Parent guide to play yard to help you select the good play yard for your beloved one.

How to pick the best play yard

Here is the list of features you should have to create the best play yard for your baby.

  • Seal of safety certification

There are many strict rules for kids’ safety anywhere in the world. Those rules are different from one place to another. If you buy a Chinese product and it says that the product meets the criteria of China regulation, it can be sure that you have a good product as Chinese standard safety regulation. That’s why it is important for you to always check the seal of safety certification.

Another example, certain products from Korea that have certifications from SGS Korea, CE or KTC Korea are labeled as a high-quality product. If you see the play yard in the store is certified with one of those, there is no doubt for you to buy that right away.

  • Door panel that is secured

Another safety you should think is the door. Toddlers and babies really are curious and like to explore. If the play yard you choose doesn’t have a Good-secured panel, your baby will simply crawl and get out from the safe zone. So, make sure that the door will not get opened easily by babies.

  • Aesthetically design

Many parents are a desire for natural colors and design for the play yard. A beautiful combination of grey and white will create a relaxing atmosphere and especially if it is matching the house’s interior perfectly. On the other hand, white and pink is a lovely and soft elegant color while white and mint can add charm and liveliness to your décor.

  • Country of origin

It is also important to pay attention to the country of origin of play yard has manufactured from. You can start from Korean product since they produce a lot of good quality products around the world. There is no doubt that Korea also has strict regulation in terms of safety regulation. So, when you are in your favorite store make sure that you keep your eyes on play yard that is manufactured in Korea.

We hope that all the features we have mentioned will be useful to help you make the right decision for your baby enjoyment as well as his/her safety. Good luck!