As parents we try to make every detail special of our child’s lives. We long for those moments that will last for our children and we want to hang on to them as long as we can. Here at The Baby Spot, we love keepsake gifts that parents make or find for their children. We found this special book, that is not only a wonderful read, but a keepsake for the whole family. Touch your child’s heart and get them so excited about The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home. They are guaranteed to love the book, because they are IN IT.



David Cadji-Newby , Pedro Serapicos and the intrepid crew have created a beautiful book for your child. We love that you can personalize this book with your child’s name.

The story itself was exciting, a rhyming sequence with your child’s name interacting with the other characters. But this book has more details then you can imagine. It personalizes your address, has a aerial view of your neighbourhood and more! We were so surprised and touched with all of the detail that went into this book.

The illustrations are colorful/colourful and catchy and the story itself will keep any child entertained.


We highly recommend you get this book for your child to have as a great read and as a keepsake for your family for years to come.