The Language Of Flowers

If there was a book that you should read every spring with the entire family, it should be The Language of Flowers. Follow Beatrice the bee and learn a very special language that is spoken right in your own backyard!

Beatrice The Bee


It is incredibly important for children and adults alike to know that bees play a very special part in gardening, not to mention our ecosystem. Not only do they pollinate flowers but they have a special language with them. In this very special book, we learn the language of flowers. Children will become entranced with Beatrice the Bee and the story told by Artist and author Dena Seiferling. Dena’s debut picture book lands as one of our top favorites for the year. The illustrations are whimsical and breath taking, while the words take each child into the world of nature.

Considered one of natures important relationships, children and adults alike will learn the language between pollinators and flowers and the very special things that happen right in front of us everyday. We love at the end of the book, there are plant identifiers so we know the names of each beautiful plant and flower we see on each page.

Beatrice takes a risky move to learn more about nature that ends up being a beautiful life long lesson. Will she be able to meet some new friends? Or should she stick to what she is used to? This book has a beautiful lesson for children of all ages.

Dena Seiferling spares no expense wowing children with her excellent writing. You feel like you apart of the journey. Secondly, there is a classic tone to the writing of this book that is just timeless. Lastly, this book is perfect for advanced readers and novice readers alike. Children of different age ranges can sit together and enjoy this book.

Extra Credit

Have your children go to their backyard or nearby park and sketch the flowers they see and the insects that may be interacting with them. What have they learned? What flowers have they identified?

The Language of Flowers

This beautiful children’s book will be an instant hit with your family. You will want to read it again and again. What language have you witnessed between bees and nature? Another great title from Tundra Books.