The Little Books of the Little Brontes – Many years ago, four imaginative Bronte siblings would express themselves through poetry, story, acting and recitation and change the literary world forever. These four little siblings would pave the way for female authors to reach for the stars when expressing themselves. However, this children’s book is not about the stories they told but about the stories that molded the lives of these remarkable family members.

Brontes Know Best

This delightful children’s book introduces the story of the Bronte family as a children’s story for your child! They will learn how an author is born, through the lettings of imagination, storytelling and whimsy. Learn about how Brontes would make tiny books for one another, how they expressed their love through expression. The book does not spare details that their sibling’s life was less than picturesque. Their mother had unfortunately died, as did two older siblings. However, the family was always stuck together and enriched each other by supporting the desire to write, tell stories and enjoy poetry.

Sara O’Leary and Briony May Smith capture the essence and the passion of the Bronte family. Reading this book to your children today with its captivating words and illustrations will remind your children of these wonderful classic authors tomorrow. It may encourage them to continue their creative journeys and passion projects. Who better to share in those young journeys than your siblings?

You’re going to want to read The Little Books of the Little Brontes

Extra Credit

At the back of the book, the authors teach your young readers how to make their own little books for their family and friends! This is such a great project for your children. They get to express themselves with the little book and they get to really feel how creative the Bronte siblings were when writing their stories and expressing kindness to one another. Charlotte, Anne, Branwell and Emily express kindness and love to one another through their creative outlets. Thankfully, they share this with the world. Learn more about all of these Tundra Titles.