The Little Snowplow Wishes For Snow

The Little Snowplow is really enjoying his job at the Mighty Mountain Road Crew. He does a great job keeping the town up and running. However, he wants to plow snow more than anything! Will The Little Snowplow get his wish and see a snowfall on his birthday? We will find out in The Little Snowplow Wishes For Snow.

The Little Snowplow

Little Snowplow has a great job with the Mighty Mountain Road Crew. They help all of the other trucks dig, pull and lift dirt to make the best roads all around! Little Snowplow is always helping, but he has one big dream. He wishes to plow snow. When fall comes, this little snowplow is convinced that the snow is close to coming! However, no matter how many clouds he sees, nothing happens. The water even freezes but still no snow!

It is now the winter and close to Little Snowplow’s birthday. Will little Snowplow get the birthday wish he has been waiting for? Or will this be a “no snow” winter?

This book takes a wonderful turn that the whole family is going to love.

What We Love About The Little Snowplow

This beautiful book teaches us about the importance of friendships and making your wishes come true. The beautiful illustrations will be fun and exciting for readers while story will be asked to be read again and again by its littlest fans. We love books where wishes come true in the most magical way. A great book by Candlewick Press.

Extra Credit

Have your children draw a map of a small town of their choice. Cover the roads with flour and have your children take their favorite little snowplow and “plow” the roads. This will be such a fun and interactive experience for them. It is sensory friendly and can be a big project that will keep them busy for hours.

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