The Miracle Cat- Sometimes, a being enters your life that can help you confront the past, accept the present and begin the process of healing for your future. That is precisely what Maria do Ceu Oliveira-Cabral experienced with her cat Leopardo. Luckily, she has decided to share her story, ups and downs to inspire others to look towards the healing miracles that exist right around us.

Even as a little girl, we learn that Maria had a vision. She was determined, persevered when life through one of its curve balls and ultimately made things happen. Her passion was writing. Winning local contests as a child presumed she would be able to reach people with her thoughts. With each word, she knew that she would inspire others. Who would estimate that decades later, this little girl would grow up to bare her soul with The Miracle Cat, teaching those who love animals and those with trauma and post traumatic stress disorder that they matter.

The Early Life

Maria, also affectionately known as Ceuzinha, grew up in the Azores, an island in the Atlantic belonging to Portugal. Life was full of animals and healthy vegetables. Big lessons were learned in this early life, including the loyalty and absolute kindness of animals towards a little girl.

Unfortunately, this wonderful childhood came to an end abruptly. Father took to drinking more and more. Mother had her hands full with babies and keeping a home. Feeling burdened, Ceuzinha moved in temporarily with her grandmother and eventually with her sister. Her sister lived a fun and exciting life in the city. Ceuzinha went to coffee shops, movies and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a city as a young lady. From there, she met who she thought was the love of her life, but was indeed a sleezy human being. Ceuzinha spent a lot of her young life avoiding sexual assaults and other abuses. After immigrating to Canada, Ceuzinha suppressed a lot of her memories about these painful moments and so much more. It was not until she adopted a stray cat, that her life changed forever.

Leopardo The Cat

After years of struggle, disappointment and a move to Canada marriage and children, Ceuzinha is introduced to Leopardo. For the first time in decades, she feels a sense of relief when this little being wants nothing more than her love, and gives it back to her ten fold. She begins to examine her life, and confront those incredibly tough times. The love of this wonderful cat opens her up in ways that she never thought were possible. How can something so small bring such a significant impact?

This book is about healing from life trauma. Through the friendship and miracle of the love of one being to another, we see this author through comfort confront the most painful parts of her life. She is gracious in her understanding of these traumas and how she heals as she walks alongside with this miracle cat. We won’t give away the nuggets of information and wisdom, you will have to buy this book! This is a wonderful real life story for families who are looking for healing from life trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. Additionally, it is great for those who know the love of an animal knows no bounds. The Miracle Cat is a digestible book that you will not want to put down. Be sure to leave a little notepad or your phone close by so you can write down nuggets of information or pearls of wisdom that you can use through out your own healing journey.

When looking for solstice, forgiveness and the ability to move forward after hardship, look no further than this unforgettable friendship between an incredible woman and her loyal, lovable cat.

Ceuzinha’s act of kindness does not end with the friendship of Leopardo, she has dedicated her life to helping shelter animals. The proceeds earned from this book will go to set up a shelter for animals. Animals would be able to live out their lives freely, without the fear of violence, hunger or mistreatment. Additionally, they will be cared for in a safe space away from abuse.