The MomBabes – A Motherhood Anthology

Show up everyday as your truest self. That is the mantra of the MomBabes community. Being perfect is no fun! If everyday you choose to show up with a coffee in one hand and confidence in the other, you are truly a MomBabe. This beautiful tribute to important women everywhere is an anthology about honest motherhood. Whether you are a brand new Mom or a seasoned one, you will find this book both relatable and like you have really found a group of women who understand and can relate. Grab a cup of coffee and dive into eachand every story.

What Makes A MomBabe?

What is a Mom Babe and what does it take to be a MomBabe? It started off as a simple observation: ” Moms want more.” This is about Moms who are looking for their community. they are honest, real and authentic. Just like this collection of stories, you will find Moms sharing their core, their truth with you the reader. It will help uplift you if you are feeling low and know that their is a whole community of Moms out there that are just looking to redefine motherhood. Remember, Moms are stronger when they are together.

Each Mom has a story. Motherhood is not Pinterest winning or having yourself all together. It is about you as a Mom trying to navigate this life we call Motherhood on you and your families terms. That is what makes your story unique. Speaking of one of a kind stories, you have to check these out.

A Motherhood Anthology

Co-Authors Christina Walsh and Carolyn Turkington started off as two Moms starting a group called the MomBabes. As it grew from two to fifteen to more than anyone could imagine, we see them putting together stories from twenty authors who have given us a piece of their lives right here in each chapter. No two stories are all similar and each Mother’s voice shines through every page.

We have Gillian, who walks into birth and Motherhood questioning why the real stuff isn’t even talked about! With posts coming from so many sources telling you how you are going to, have or messed up your child, to the perils of actual labor, why is the person behind the Mom hardly acknowledged?

There is Maggie, a teacher, who co-founded the MASH Movement for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Maggie highlights how teaching vulnerability begins with parents. Such a beautiful message.

There are so many other Mothers with gems of information and wisdom of their stories. Each of them walking beside us through their chapter, baring their heart and their truth so authentically.

If you are looking for a book that bonds and binds mothers in this very special way, that empowers us instead of divides us, then you, my dear Mom are a MomBabe and you need to read this book and join the movement.

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