It started many years ago, when the Johnson’s began filling their yard with Christmas decorations for the season…

night christmas

The Night The Lights Went Out on Christmas is a story we may have seen unravel in our own neighborhood. One neighbor puts up an incredible display and then the next and they next. This will help Santa find their houses! People come from all around to see the most decorative area at Christmas. Even the astronauts have noticed! So much power is being used that the lights go out. But what happens next is touching and at the very end, hilarious.

Author and Award Winning singer-songwriter Ellis Paul penned a funny book that we can all relate to during the holiday season. Illustrator Scott Brundage captures the neighborhood’s build from Christmas decorating to must see Christmas extravaganza perfectly.

Your children will learn a valuable lesson of togetherness for the holiday season and you will get a laugh at the very end. To buy this great book, click here