The Princess in Black and the Giant Problem

Sometimes we have giant problems and we have to enlist our friends to help us solve them! The Princess in Black and the Giant Problem is one of those challenges where the sparkle Single is used to call all of the Princess in Blacks friends to help solve their biggest adventure yet!


A Playdate Turned Adventure!

The Princess in Black was expecting to have an epic snowy play date with her friends, the Goat Avenger and the Princess in Blanket. They build a snow monster and have fun smashing it. All of sudden, our heroic friends hear the word “SQUASHY!” Everyone is surprised with what they see. Could it be a humongous giant?

Everything starts getting smashed and the heroes know that they cannot take this on by themselves. In addition, they use the Sparkle Signal to summon some help and get some back up. With all of the friends finally together, an epic battle ensues, with a huge plot twist! Above all, we love that the New York Times best-selling feature of all of the Princess in Black’s friends together in one book for the first time!

This is another great book from Candlewick Press.


Things that are scary are not always what they seem! In other words, children will learn that events that seem scary sometimes just need a different perception. Often times, we realize that people and events are not as scary as we thought, if we look at things with a different perspective.

Friendship is everything. Similarly, with the right group of friends, you can achieve anything.


Have your child go out to have an epic outdoor adventure. What is their hero name? What adventures did they come to discover?

Lastly, was there a time your child was really scared of something but then realized that there was nothing to be frightened of?

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