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This is not your ordinary fairy tale! If you are a parent who is looking for some substance to your child’s princess characters then this is the series for you. We were excited to receive The Royal Series and we were impressed!

These princesses just don’t act and look pretty all day, they are smart, determined and creative. Author Laura Slifkin Venos is also a career counselor and when her daughter shared she wanted to be a princess when she grew up, she knew she would create characters that can be driven and achieve great things while looking like a lady.


Check out The Royal Dentist, The Royal Farmer and The Royal Architect.

Each book takes us into the world of a princess. We love that the princesses have occupations that are achievable goals for the readers. We also enjoyed that our little girls are learning to think outside of the princess box. It’s wonderful to play princesses but their are other options for the curious preschool reader. The books also rhyme, which is excellent for that developing pre-schooling mind to absorb messages and morals. These princesses trade their crowns and mascara for lab coats and a stethoscope.

Illustrator Sally Samuels Slifkin draws delightfully, keeping your child even further entertained with these captivating illustrations.


Your child will enjoy reading a wonderful book full of adventure of princesses but they will also look beyond the crown and see careers! We can’t recommend these books enough. Parents should buy every book so their child can get the exposure to very different but important careers. Let’s show our princesses that they are more than the crown! Buy each book here today.