The Simplest Baby Book In The World

Having a baby can be so beautiful but also so overwhelming! New parents are surprised at how much information is out there and get overwhelmed on what they need verses what they want. The secret to enjoying new parenthood does not have to be this hard!Authors Stephen Gross, Jeremy F. Shapiro MD,MPH, FAAP and Gabriella Terhes Karlsson , newborn care specialist/doula/sleep trainer have The simplest Baby Book in the World to help parents enjoy new parenting and keep it simple!

Keep Parenting Simple

When Steve was a new Dad, he was like so many other parents where the information that was out there was so dense, overwhelming  and not digestable enough for the modern parent. The Simplest Baby Book was born for quick and easy useful knowledge that not only educates but invites parents to share and support one another.

An Illustrated Baby Book!

This book is illustrated with graphs, indexes or charts to help you understand all of these baby terms and situations! We love the chapter on co-sleeping and the section on understanding baby poop! Wow, learn all about cloth diapers and the must haves before you change your baby. There are so many things that you will not need but what are the diaper changing basics? This book has it all.

Simplest Baby is divided into four easily digestable sections. You start off understanding the big picture of the development phases of growth. Then you follow the schedules that Simplest Baby has for parents. These are how to keep things in control and also to help your little one achieve these milestones. Next its time to apply the simplest directions, from eating to sleeping to pooping to playing, the Simplest Baby has it covered. Lastly, learn the basics that you need to know. Care, support, health and staying sane throughout parenthood!

This book is for the parent to be. Whether you are a single parent or have a partner, you are going to know what to buy, what to do and where to be while you prepare for your new bundle of joy.

Why We Love This Book

In true simplest baby fashion, we will give you simple and digestable reasons why you need this book.

  • Easy to understand diagrams on what things are and what you will need
  • What you will need when having a baby and why. This is so important to families to have so they can save up for what will benefit baby the most!
  • The book has stages- One of our favorites is the stages of dental hygiene! So many families are confused on what tooth to expect and when.
  • It talks about topics you never would think of! What foods can be choking hazards, what are common hazards at home will surprise you.
  • What to do when you travel- How do you get ready for a passport for your baby.
  • It has some of the terms you know but have not heard a lot about. What the heck is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease? You will find out!
  • So much more included!

We are thankful for the illustrations, easy explanations and relatable reading. You could read this whole book in one sitting because it is so authentic and full of information. Stephen has a way of writing that makes you learn but also makes the pages turn quickly.

Use this book for reference over and over again. We absolutely loved it and recommend it for your library. Make sure to get a copy of The Simplest Baby Book in the World, this is the new must have parent resource you need in your life!