Sleepea the 5 Second Swaddle

When you have your new little bundle of joy, you want them to stay warm and safe. Sleepea is the easiest safest way to wrap your sweet little baby! This five second swaddle is easy, never unravels and is so soft, that your baby will feel like they are comfortable on a cloud!

The 5 Second Swaddle

the sweetpea swaddler

When you have a baby that just comes out of the bath, or needs to be changed or just needs the warmth and comfort of something special, the Sleepea Swaddle is for you. Sleepea has this 5 second swaddle. Yes, in only 5 seconds your child will be in the warmth of this organic cotton swaddle. The 5 second swaddle never unravels, it is so soft and is great for babies and it is great for the planet. Show off your swaddling skills with Sleepea!


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It’s so Easy! It’s Sleepea Swaddle

sweetpea 5 second swaddle

We make sure that the Sleepea sack zipper is fully closed at the top and at the bottom. We love the stars design on the sleeper that is not only cute as a button but gender neutral. The Sleepea is stylish, trendy, extremely comfortable and great for your baby.

With so many swaddles on the market, the Sweetpea beats them all with how easy it is for parents. When you are trying to get your baby in a swaddle, if they are uncomfortable and cold, you want to do this right away. Many swaddles take time but the 5 Second Swaddle is not only baby friendly, but parent friendly as well!

Parents need something that is not only going to be extremely safe and comfortable for their baby, but also they want a swaddler that will not be cumbersome. The Sleepea is quick, east and takes only five seconds to get your child into a perfect swaddle.

We want your child to feel comfortable always and the Sweetpea does not keep your baby waiting for that comfortable swaddle.

Give this the Sleepea to your little sweet pea and make your baby the happiest baby.

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