We want our children to excel at their talents, try new things and be the best version of themselves they can be. Ultimately, we want them to be happy. A young spider by the name of Salvatore wants to be just that. His family weave beautiful and classic spider webs, but Salvatore wants to stop the traditional circle spinning webs and show his circus preforming family that rules are sometimes meant to be broken.


His family feels that webs are indeed only circles, but Salvatore knows that the audience may be craving something new and fresh and he thinks with his grandfather’s help, he has exactly what the web weaving world is looking for!


Author AnnMarie Martin wants your children to believe that being different is a good thing. Traditions are important, but also trying new things leads to new ideas and allows us to thrive! Let’ your children learn from Salvatore and step out of their comfort zones and try new things, ask questions and most of all, believe in themselves, even if no one else is thinking in the exact same way.


Illustrator Stevie Hannigan draws delightful spiders, not only painting Martin’s vision but also captivating the audience and breaking down the boundaries of ‘scary spiders’ that many people have ingrained in them during childhood years.

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