The Story of Gigantosaurus


The Story of Gigantoaurus – The Giganotosaurus TV series is so popular on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior that your children are talking constantly about the four curious dinosaur friends Rocky, Bill Tiny and Mazu. But what is The Story of Giganotosaurus? This is a must have introduction to the animated series that your kids are going to love!

We all know that Mazu, Rocky, Bill and Tiny are very curious four best friends. They all have different attributes but still are great pals. Mazu is writing down information and insight into his Gigantopedia that inspires the group to learn more. Suddenly, they get a BIG idea… to search far and wide for Giganotosaurus. They cross rivers, jungles, and so much more and they meet so many dinosaurs along the way. However, they get too close for comfort when they end up in Giganotosaurus’ mouth!

Your children are going to love their favorite pre-historic adventurers finding Giganotosaurus.


There are so many awesome lessons for your children is this book. They will learn that four little best friends can have differences about themselves, both physically and in interests, but still have mutual love and respect from each other. Setting this precedent for children at such a young age can help them forge true lifelong friendships.

Your children’s love of Mazu, Rocky, Bill and Tiny will also open up their world to paleontology. They will learn a lot about different dinosaurs. Think about hearing your four year old say “dilophosaurs” can be one of the cutest things! Adorableness aside, your children will not only learn about different dinosaurs but also take this knowledge and be able to possibly identify them in museums or in text books. This may spark a lifelong love of dinosaurs!


Other than exploring the Giganotosaurus series from Candlewick Entertainment or watching the show on Disney Junior or the Disney Channel, get your child to start their own Gigantopedia! Tell them to write their favorite dinosaurs that they learned about in the book and some of their attributes. Were these dinosaurs’ herbivores, omnivores or carnivores? What did their footprint look like? Have your child also draw each dinosaur.

If you can, take your child to a museum that features dinosaurs to learn more. If you do not have a museum near you, have them search on the internet for some new dinosaurs to also add to their Giganotosaurus.

For your budding paleontologist or your curious little dinosaur, The Story of Giganotosaurus is a fantastic tale of exploration, learning and friendship.


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