The Tragically Hip ABC -If there was a band that was the official band of Canada, The Tragically Hip would be nominated. Fans are for life with this band. Songs and albums are passed on from parents to children. The Tragically Hip is Canadiana. Overall, Tundra Books has the most adorable ABC book for fans and early readers alike. With not to subtle nods to songs and the band, everyone is going to love The Tragically Hip ABC.

What To Expect

Read this book from A to Z with one of Canada’s most beloved bands. Firstly, for forty years of music has now been in existance. We love that we start off with the latter A being about “Ahead by A Century”. This song is many TTH fan’s favorite songs. Secondly, your child will be immersed in learning their ABCs and the beautiful illustrations while connoisseurs of this band will know the meanings to each and every page. All in all, this is a great bonding experience with child and parent. We love that this is a book that you can keep and pass down to your children, along with the love of the band.

the tragically hip book

It helps that The Tragically Hip is one of those bands that is timeless. Additionally, the music fits into every generation and this is a great way to introduce your children to this iconic band. this book can be passed down and it will be read again and again. We have this book adapted by Drew Macklin and illustrated by Clayton Hanmer, Julia Breckenredi, Bridget George and Monika Melnychuck.

Extra Credit

Have your child choose their favorite letter and draw a scene based on that first letter. Lastly, bonus points if there is a Tragically Hip reference, if so, you are raising them well.

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