The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist PDF – There are so many hospital bag checklists online. Many of them are written by companies selling brands and trying to get the trust of a parent to be. We have the ultimate hospital bag checklist written for parents by parents just like you. We want you to pack things that you need, not what brand names tell you that you need. Here is our ultimate guide to make your hospital visit a smooth one so you can prepare for what is really important, the birth of your baby!

Whether your birth is a scheduled c-section or a surprise, you have to plan what you are going to put in your hospital bag. Having a hospital bag is going to give you all of those extras that the hospital or maternity center may not be able to provide. You may want the comforts of home with you while you are giving birth and for your stay afterwards

Hospital checklists are not only important for Mom but for your birthing partner too! That is why we included a hospital checklist for Dad or for partners. Chances are, your birth partner will be staying in the hospital with you. You may stay for 24 hours and you may have to stay in the hospital for a few days. We never know until the baby is born and Mom and baby are checked over.

The Best Hospital Bag Checklist PDF

Here is the best hospital bag checklist PDF . This hospital bag checklist printable will be so helpful!

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What Do I Need To Take To The Hospital Video

Our Baby Spot Ambassadors Ask The Culpeppers broke it down so you can bring the most important items without breaking the bank. Find out what you really need with our favorite family. Hear about their best tips, giant baby and their singing midwife!

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom

-Pyjamas Because nothing says comfort more than a warm, comfortable pair of pyjamas! You are going to want to be cozy after you give birth. Choose a pair of pajamas that have buttons so if you choose to breastfeed, you can do it with ease.

-Socks Keep those tootsies warm with a nice pair of socks. Pick socks where your feet have room to breathe. Usually, hospitals are not going to be generous with the blankets so wearing a warm pair of socks guarantees that you will stay warm.

-Toiletries Don’t forget your toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrush and any hair products you usually use. Feeling normal is important so bringing these comforts of home with you is going to make all of the difference.

-Maxi pads- After having a baby, you will bleed. It’s not comfortable but we want to keep you as clean and cozy as possible given the circumstances. Bring some maxi pads so you can just slip one on and relax as you are healing from birth.

Underwear (4 to 5 pairs) Getting some comfy underwear (AKA granny panties) is perfect to stay comfortable. You have to be kind to yourself! Nothing fits a maxi pad better than a pair of granny panties. Bring a few pairs just in case you have to stay in the hospital for a few days.

-Books We know you want to spend every moment with your new bundle of joy, but the truth is, your baby will sleep… a lot! The old saying goes “sleep when baby sleeps!” but many parents find it hard to do when you just had a baby. If you can, great, but if you can’t, be sure to bring a nice book to enjoy reading. It will help relax and you and maybe even help you go to sleep.

-Elastics- When you are giving birth, you do not want your hair in your face. After birth, you may not be able to shower right away. Even standing may be difficult. Having an elastic or two to tie up your hair is going to make a world of difference.

-Breast pads- Your breast milk may come in before baby is ready to drink! You may also experience leakage in between feedings. To keep yourself comfortable, simply slip on breast pads to keep comfortable and save your clothes. Whether you are expecting visitors or you are just looking forward to staying as cozy as possible, breast pads will be your new “breast friend.”

-Comfortable going home clothes- Your body has just gone through a major stress and you will want to be comfortable! Pick an outfit that is comfortable, easy to change out of and keep your warm. After you give birth, you want to feel like you are in a warm hug. Stay cozy with an adorable coming home outfit.

-Music Have some relaxing music during your stay. Get an ultimate playlist to keep calm and stay concentrated during the birthing process and afterwards. We have some of our top suggestions ready for you to have as much as a mellow experience as possible.


Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad or Mom / Hospital Bag Checklist For Birth Partner

Whether you are the Dad to be or the Mom to be and you are the supporting partner, you have a big responsibility! You are about to have a new baby and your partner is going to go through the process of birth. The birth partner will  want to help them and may feel lost or helpless during the experience. You will do great and one way you can be a tremendous help is packing things for yourself so you can be the best support person to your partner giving birth and be the best parent to your little bundle of joy.

hospital bag checklist pdf

-Phone chargers Sometimes birth takes a long time and you can be in the hospital for days. Having a phone charger is so important. For many people, the phone is the source of communication with family and friends, the official “camera” to take those beautiful pictures for memories and of course those videos. Have your phone charged up with both a solar charger and your regular one for good measure. You never know what the hospital can provide… and what they cannot.

-Health card/ insurance information if applicable – The Baby Spot is a global parenting magazine, so make sure that you have yours and your partners health information. If you are in a country with free health care, you need to make sure you have your partner’s health card.

If you are in the United States, bringing health insurance forms and any other identification is necessary.

Pens- Since your partner is giving birth, it is like they are the Captain and you are the first mate. Having a pen to fill out any insurance forms or sign anything is up to you!

Snacks- This is the fun part. Bring some yummy snacks that you and your partner are going to love. Try to get high protein healthy snacks but get some of your favorite yummy ones too. If you or your partner has a sweet tooth, try to get a few of your favorites. It is always best to go as healthy as possible, but as Derrick mentioned in the video, sometimes you are craving some of your favorite foods. So a mix of healthy and most favorite snacks are best.

-Books- Your loved one may sleep a lot while in labor depending on how labor is going. There is not too much for you to do at this point. If you cannot get sleep yourself and you have updated all of your family and friends. Read a nice book to try to relax. Often times, labor can be a marathon rather than a sprint.

List of People To Call

Sit down with you partner and get a list of people to call or text before she gives birth. She may be too busy to send some important information if plans change. Create a Whatsapp group to keep people updated. This makes it so much easier on you instead of texting or calling people individually. Get the phone numbers of those who might not be up to that type of technology. Grandma might not understand Whatsapp but she would like to be updated on the baby!

Pillow… For You

As the caregiver, we are so focused on Mom and baby that we forget completely about ourselves! Often times your partner and baby will have to stay over night. Some hospitals have a pullout couch for the caregiver and some do not. Make sure to bring a pillow and a light blanket for you. There will be down times and it is important that you get your sleep. A little bit of comfort goes a long way. Bring one for Mom to be as well just in case.

-Ear plugs Why earplugs? It does not matter if you are in a private, semi private or maternity ward, hospitals can be loud. If you are a light sleeper, bring earplugs so you can get some rest. Hospitals are filled with births, emergencies and so much more. Make sure that one of the parents does not wear earplugs so you can hear babies cries. Get some rest!

Some Extra Cash/Debit/Credit Cards Having some extra cash around is important. Do you want that hospital snack? Paying to park at the hospital is expensive. Have some cash on you for those extra unexpected expenses.

Hospital Bag Checklist For Baby

-Diapers– some hospitals do not provide diapers! Bring about twenty. Newborns go to the bathroom, a lot!

Two baby hats Keep your little ones head warm and snuggily with two baby hats.

-a “going home” outfit Pick the most adorable and comfortable outfit for your little one to go home in. These are those special moments watching your child leave the hospital and go home.

-baby pajamas (a few pairs) Keep warm and snuggily with adorable baby pajamas. You may need a few pairs because you never know how long you will be in the hospital.

-Diaper wipes to wipe those baby bottoms! Sometimes, the hospital does not provide wipes so just bring some of your own, especially if you have a preferred brand.

-A soother Your baby may use one. This is up to your discretion!

 A Baby outfit that is one size too big- Just ask Lakisha from our video above. Sometimes these babies surprise us and they are a lot bigger than we anticipated.

Two light blankets for baby Learn how to swaddle your infant with the nurse by bringing two receiving blankets from home.

Car seat- Babies cannot leave the hospital without one. Make sure your car seat is new and not expired and put into your vehicle safely. Make sure you make all of the legal car seat requirements in your area.

Burp cloths There will be spit ups, lots of them! In case the hospital does not provide cloths, bring some from home yourself.

What Should You Not Pack In Your Hospital Bag?

With everything to remember, there are some items that you should just forget. You will not need to bring:

  • a lot of outfits for yourself and your partner
  • alcohol- yes we have to say this because some parents to be believe it should be a party in the hospital.
  • cigars- save the celebration at home if you choose to smoke cigars.
  • blow up beds- the hospital needs the floor free for space .
  • Big items that take up space in the hospital room. Doctors and nurses need the space to move around freely.

What Snacks Should In Put In My Hospital Bag?

Snacks are delicious and a great way to save some time when you are feeling hungry. Instead of walking to the hospital cafeteria, you can get one of your favorite treats. But what should you bring as a snack to the hospital?

-high protein snacks like healthy protein bars

-dehydrated fruits and nuts to keep your energy up.

-foods that do not require a refrigerator. Items that are non perishable.

Even though snacks should be healthy, bring a couple of snacks that you love as well. You don’t want a last minute craving that requires your tired partner to leave the hospital to get your coveted snack.

-dark chocolate

-small bag of chips

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