The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist


Spring is just around the corner and you want a fresh start for your house! The warmer weather brings more outdoor activities and you want your house to be clean and enjoy those special moments with your family. Not to mention, you and your family may have more guests over. Here is the ultimate spring cleaning checklist for parents.

What Month is Spring Cleaning?

Generally, people love to start spring cleaning in the beginning of April, but that is when the good weather is really kicking in! We personally love to start our spring cleaning in March.

Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist PDF

Spring Cleaning Checklist



kitchen spring cleaning checklist

  • Clean out the fridge
  • Get rid of any old or expired food
  • Clean out the freezer. Turn it off and give it a wipe down if necessary.
  • -clean the top of the fridge
  • Get rid of anything hanging on the fridge that is old
  • Get rid of old coupons if you keep them in your kitchen
  • -clean the stove
  • Set your stove to self clean, if it does not have that option, clean your oven by keeping it on 500 degrees for at least 2 hours to help you burn off any old food or loosen food so you can scrub the oven better.
  • -scrub the sinks
  • -scrub counter tops
  • -clean windows
  • Wash cabinets
  • -clean out cabinets.
  • -get rid of all tupperware that does not have it’s top
  • Wash out the garbages
  • Clean out the inside of the cabinets
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Change burnt out lights
  • Clean out light fixtures
  • Add spring décor
  • Clean any recycle bin
  • A fresh coat of paint if it has been a while
  • Scrub backspash (look to see if your backsplash can be cleaned or needs specific cleaners)
  • -change smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors!

Family Room/ TV Room

  • Go through any old DVDs and if they are not scratched, give them away or get them ready for a garage sale. If they do not work, throw them away
  • If you have a fireplace that has not been used, call for it to be serviced or check for safety.
  • Dust all figurines
  • Dust all furniture
  • Have couches professionally cleaned or steam yourself (look up what is the best way to clean your couch depending on the material of couch you have)
  • Pull the furniture away and vacuum behind it.
  • Pull out all couch cushions and vacuum.
  • Change light fixtures
  • Clean all light fixtures
  • Think about a new coat of paint for the room if it’s been a while
  • Dust the trim, repaint if necessary.
    – add spring décor to the family room


Around The House- Spring Cleaning Checklist

-clean all light fixtures

-Replace all lights if burnt out

-Disinfect all doorknobs.

-clean all mirrors

-clean all windows

-sweep or vacuum

-wash the floors

-wash the trim

-clean the wainscoting ( if you have it)

– take a magic eraser and look for spots or fingerprints on the walls

-check to see if each room needs a repaint

-check ot see if the ceilings need a spot check or a full repaint

-replace fan lights

-dust fan blades

-clean fan blades completely

-replace carbon dioxide detector and smoke detector.

-if you have central vacuum, have it emptied and serviced if necessary

-replace all filters for your filteration system in the house

-have your heater/air conditioner serviced if necessary.

-gather all broken items and throw them out/ recycle them

-gather all items that are not used but in good condition and get it ready for sale.

-plan a garage sale of unused but good conditioned items

Kids Bedrooms

-go through all toys and get rid of broken toys

-sell toys or giveaway toys that your children no longer play with.

-check light fixtures and replace any burnt out lights

– get rid of any spots or fingerprints on walls with a magic eraser

-clean the light fixtures

-wash windows

-clear closet

-reorganize closet (buy bins, a trunk or anything to minimize and organize)

-disinfect any door handles

Front Closet

-wash winter jackets

-get rid of jackets and shoes that are too small

-put away off season footwear and jackets.

Linen Closet

-Check old towels that should be rags.

-replace old towels, sheets, facecloths etc

-check hand towels in bathrooms, buy new ones if needed


-Get all of the garbage or broken things and put it out into the garbage.

-any big metal products that are unused, bring it to the metal recycling plant or put a public call for someone to pick it up.

-Reorganize tools. Keep them in one place in the same spot in the garage

-Hang bikes safely on the wall

-sweep out garage

-organize a garage sale if there is a lot of good stuff you are no longer using.

-throw out old paint cans

Book Shelves

-go through books that are broken and throw out

-give away books that you are not interested in reading or that do not provide you with any job having.

-Throw out old magazines that you do not think will increase in value or that do not have any valuable information.


outdoor spring cleaning checklist

-Wash all exterior windows

-plan exterior garden.

-clear any leaves or rubbish in your garden

-plan a flower garden if you do not have perennials

-check walkway for any cracks, broken bricks and have them repaired

-take out all patio furniture

-wash patio table

-wash patio chairs if they are washable. If not, put out patio chair coucheons and secure them to the chair.

-clean all flower beds

-if you have a pool, check if you need to stock up on pool equipment or chemicals

-drain the top of your pool cover

-rake leaves

-check window wells for any young plants growing. Remove them immediately as they will attract water which will pool close to your home.

-fill bird feeder if you use one.

The Vehicle

-change winter tires if applicable

-get car detailed or clean and vacuum the interior of the car

-go to a car wash or wash the outside of the car

-take your car in for service

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