The Whale Child

When your child turns seven, they start to get interested in the world around them. The Whale Child is the perfect book to introduce your child. It talks about environmental issues and inspires them to have a connection to the world around them.

Who is Shiny?

Shiny is very special. Shiny is a whale child. With eyes that hold the wisdom of the earth, Shiny is taught by the whale mother. Shiny learns how water is the source of life and how important the environment is for our world.

One day, Shiny’s Mother shows Shiny the absolute destruction of human beings. They are not being the stewards of the Earth that they are supposed to be. Shiny makes an incredible decision to become a little boy. He does this to try to help humans realize their responsibility to care for this world.


Shiny makes friends with a young girl, Alex, who along with Shiny travel the world seeing the reality of this Earth and how it is so fragile and in peril from the way human beings treat it.

Will Alex be able to become a teacher for future generations? Can she stand up for Mother Earth?

Moral of the Whale Child

This Indigenous value of environmental responsibility, care and love is on each and every one of us. Indigenous authors and illustrators Keith and Chenoa Egawa create an exceptional story for children of all ages (and adults too!) to learn from. The Whale Child gives us education, and positive messaging. It also gives us the power to take action while also instilling hope into the reader.


Lastly, we love the end of this book. The story does not end here, it is only the beginning! The Whale Child has a ton of student resources to get your children into environmental stewardship! From interesting projects to learning more about indigenous culture, this book has created stewards of the world. We are so lucky to have this book.