Art is the language of the world. . . . Art connects people, opens minds to new ideas and starts conversations. Art brings a smile to every child’s face and makes every parent proud to display a son or daughter’s artwork creation on an office desk or kitchen refrigerator.  Save the Cord Foundation believes your child’s art can actually change the world. Art can talk, teach and educate the young and old alike.


The Young Artists Program, developed by the foundation’s partner in art, artist Rachel Manley, uses art as a vector of communication with children, parents and teachers about the necessity of saving umbilical cord blood stem cells.  Children love to color, design, create and paint.  The Young Artists Program is a creative platform that brings children, families, and students together to enjoy art and to start conversations about how saving cord blood saves lives. Save the Cord Foundation believes that it’s important to not only educate and inform expectant parents about saving this medical resource, but also the general public and that includes the next generation, our children. Save the Cord Foundation is working to make cord blood education and awareness a global standard of education and a topic of health and science for all students, schools and universities.


You can visit the Young Artist Program web site at , meet 4 year old cord blood transplant recipient Noah Swanson, and see the many works of art from children around the world that have been posted to this colorful and educational children’s art gallery.  It is free to participate in the Young Artists Program regardless of where you live in the world and any child between 2 to 8 years of age is welcome to participate.  All of the artwork received will be featured on our online gallery and shared with our large network of global friends and supporters.




For Parents:


This is not a competition but rather a collaborative art project uniting kids throughout the world.  All of the artwork we receive will be featured in the Special Edition Young Artists Book published each year and distributed to our large network of friends and supporters via our on-line gallery.


1.SIGN UP on It’s FREE!!


2.CREATE! Get out your crayons, paints and collage materials and tell the world what is on your mind! You can make it square. You can make it round or simply no shape at all. It can be landscape. It can be portrait. True art comes in many forms.  Express yourself.  (Minimum dimensions of original artwork: 8.5 x 11) Please, try to use the theme: “Create, Give, Share


3.SUBMIT your artwork. Ask your parents to scan or photograph your artwork. We recommend scanning. It’s the easiest and gives the best results. Then, simply send us the file!  Do NOT send us your original artwork. We just need a digital copy.  SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 1ST each year (Please see official rules for more details.  Unfortunately, we will have to refuse files that do not meet these requirements.)




For Teachers and/or Groups:


Are you a teacher or group leader? Do you organize family programs for a museum or similar institution?  If so, we encourage your group’s participation in Save the Cord Foundation’s Young Artists Program. It is FREE and we have made it EASY for you! We have even developed LESSON PLANS / WORKSHOP GUIDELINES (Download your free Teacher/Group pack here: ) to help organize the day!  Simply register your group at via this link:








Partner in Fine Arts
About Artist Rachel Manley

Save the Cord Foundation is proud to partner and collaborate with artist Rachel Manley. Rachel is a strong advocate for saving cord blood, having become aware of its potential while preparing for the birth of her child. She will be helping the Foundation advance cord blood education through her inspirational painting,
BIRTH, a joyous depiction of the day her daughter was born. Rachel is also the inspiration behind the Young Artists Program.  It’s the first time art and cord blood have come together to teach this and the next generation about the necessity to save it, either by private banking or public donation. Just don’t throw it away!
BIRTH and Rachel’s sketch book series, currently on display at the Brooklyn Art Library, will compose the Save the Cord Foundation’s Birth Art Exhibit that will carry the message of cord blood awareness around the world. Rachel’s art brings a new face and inspiration to our mission to advance cord blood education. We are proud to have her as our Partner in Fine Arts! Meet Rachel and see more of her inspirational art at  Rachel currently makes her home in London, England with her husband and daughter.