Parents of babies love to meal plan. It keeps parents on top of their organization game and it helps babies receive the most nutritious meals they need for development. However, many products on the market are not BPA free, are leaky or cannot keep cold food cold and hot food hot. However, we have found a great companion to our babies mealtime, BooginHead Thermal Pots!


What is your super power?

Your super power is to be an organized, loving parent or guardian. BooginHead Thermal Pots also have a super power. It has a leak proof lid! No more messy closings and mess on you and your baby. Your baby can easily feed themselves with one hand without worrying about a spill. Keep both cold food cold and hot food hot. We love that the lid is easy to screw on and is leak proof. The thermal pots are easy to store and are so easy for traveling! We also love that a spoon is included with purchase!


Safe to use

BooginHead’s Thermal Pots are BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free! We like a company that cares about the safety of our babies! It is also dishwasher safe which helps with a quick and easy clean up.