Three Essential Fashion Items for New Moms

New moms are easily some of the most joyful, grateful, and yet exhausted people you will come across. While their hearts are filled with love and awe over the arrival of their new little one there is often very little rest and downtime that they are able to sneak in. The idea of pampering one’s self, and going about a regular beauty regime is foreign and comical at best.

With that said there are some style pieces that you can work into your wardrobe that will help you to feel put together and fashionable, despite the fact you’re running on empty. Here’s a look at three essential fashion pieces to grab in those early days.

A Small Yet Fashionable Purse

As a new mom, you are probably learning just how important the diaper bag is. This is where everything baby-related gets thrown and stored when you’re out in about. Many women also try to use the diaper bag as double duty, using it as their own purse as well. The problem with this approach is that organizing anything goes out the window, and suddenly each time you reach for something it will feel like you’re searching a black hole.

Instead, it’s a great idea to downsize your oversized purse to something sleek, small, and stylish. You can store all your essentials in it, plus you’ll look fashionable. Take, for example, these fabulous Saint Laurent bags that you can find on the SSENSE website. You can find a variety of cross-body style Saint Laurent bags that are easy to carry, or even a belt bag if you’ve only got a few items to throw in there. SSENSE is known for its trendy and high-end designer pieces, and there’s sure to be something that works with your personal style.

Dark Denim Adds a Sense of Style

Typically, new moms rate comfort at the top of their list, as they need to be able to move about in a free and comfortable manner. This is exactly why denim is such a popular choice, as it is incredibly comfortable and versatile. Now instead of grabbing those lived-in and faded jeans, you can elevate your personal style by wearing dark denim.

Dark denim just always looks a bit more put together, fashionable, and dressy. This means you can create the illusion of high-fashion while still being comfortable and able to move about with your little one without restraint.

Switch to a Low Heel

This is also the time to switch to a low heel. Low heels will provide you with more stability and comfort, both of which are important while you’re carrying your baby. The great thing about a low heel is that it’s still fashionable, and will instantly jazz up even a simple outfit. Take, for example, a low heeled bootie paired with dark denim – you’ll look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine.

No Need to Sacrifice Style

Each of these items provides you with a way to look and feel stylish, yet will work with your lifestyle needs as a new mom.