If you have children, you will no doubt feel immense pressure to throw them the best birthday bash possible, but it’s no secret that parties can cause all kinds of stresses, meltdowns, and complexes.

However, there is one surefire way to take some of that pressure off, which is hiring a party planner. If you’re not sure about whether or not to hire a professional kid’s party planner, here are three reasons why you should consider it.

There will always be an element of individuality

Parties are not a one size fits all affair and most party planners offer bespoke services and aim to meet yours and your child’s desires.

Party planners can put a unique spin on even the most classic of themes, so you can make sure that your child has the tailor-made celebration that they desire.

We spoke to London’s leading party planners, Twizzle, who said: “The ever-repeated kid’s party themes can be humdrum for both the parents and the children: think bowling alleys, jelly and ice cream, and the increasingly popular cake smash.

“Same old, same old parties are a safe option but, if you want your little one to have a day to remember, professional party planners will have the ideas to make your event tick.”

There are so many ways in which you can tailor the party’s theme to make it wholly unique – to get some ideas, check out these quirky themes that you can make your own.

You’ll get to keep your sanity

Party planning is stressful, children are noisy and messy, and cleaning up afterward can seem to take years.

Because of this, when you’re planning and executing a children’s party (which can often go on late into the night for weeks in advance whilst you’re preparing), you may feel like you’re losing your sanity a bit!

Your party planner will be able to help you with everything from choosing a theme and decorations to setting up and executing the party.

If you’re feeling particularly nervous about the party, here are some techniques to help you to keep your cool.

You can focus on enjoying the company

When you throw a party, you’re usually celebrating the life or achievement of someone you love and this is no different with kids parties.

The party should be all about your little one and, instead of spending the day being stressed, by hiring a kids party planner you can focus your attention on your child and the guests.

In many ways for the child, it doesn’t really matter what goes on at the party as long as they can feel love and attention from their parents, so being allowed to relax and enjoy the day to its full extent can only be a benefit.

Similarly, if you’re having other parents at the event, it can be great to indulge in some much needed ‘adult time’ which will be so much easier when you have a party planner to take a lot of the pressure off.