Tico TimerApp Review

By:  Karen Del Ben

A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick


As many as my readers would know, I have worked with special needs children for many years, and I can appreciate the absolute need for a timer for each child.  In a classroom setting where there is limited funding and it has been recommended that your student needs an individual visual timer to help with transition times, it can be very expensive to get one.  Most cases when a timer is recommended there isn’t any classroom funding left to purchase one, so many educators have to buy them out of their own pocket.  I know from experience for my own students.


There are many different settings with the Tico Timer.  You can choose the length of time that is need, a corresponding song and visual options that are appealing to young children.


I have personally used this app with my own son to time his time outs.  Even though he is only 2 he knows that when the ‘bubbles’ start disappearing that his time out is coming to an end.  He is starting to learn the value of time without even knowing it.


This timer is extremely affordable and portable depending on which device you have it downloaded to.  For me, I like having it on my iphone, since you never know where a time out could happen, and most of the time, I always have my phone on me.