Tiny Reindeer

Santa and his trusty reindeer are all set for Christmas! However, Tiny Reindeer is way too small to join in on the festivities. When a little girl writes Santa for a very unique and special request, the only one who can be called to task is the smallest reindeer of the herd! Is Tiny Reindeer brave enough to take a jump into a whole new life? What should this little deer do?

Tiny Reindeer – The Book of Meanings

Little Tiny Reindeer finds a request to Santa from a little girl who is looking for a teeny Reindeer. Tiny knows that this could mean a whole new life with a wonderful little girl. This little  Reindeer could be where he belonged, but would he be able to leave what he knows and sneak away to meet his new best friend in person?

The book Tiny Reindeer is about taking positive risks to follow your dreams. Children everywhere can have great goals but be too scared to try them or work towards them out of fear of failure. This book gives you child the confidence to go for their goals. The little guy is scared to leave everything he knows for the unknown but takes a chance to achieve his dreams.

Your child will get the confidence to try new things, even if they are scary. It is also a wonderful reminder to parents too! Author Chris Naylor-Balesteros understands how to speak to children and adults alike and make a beautiful Christmas story while sending a good moral to the reader.  From Tundra, an instant Christmas classic that you and your children will enjoy year after year.

Extra Credit

Have your children draw a picture of Tiny Reindeer imagining his new home. What does his new life look like with his little girl? What is his favorite thing to do in his new home? Watch as your child’s imagination explores the “what ifs” of this little guy’s life. This will help them learn to materialize their own goals and manifest them.

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