Without being keen on your babies or toddlers while at home, they can easily reach into areas you had not thought they could reach. The world can be a risky place for toddlers and babies on the move. Always ensure your home is a safe place for your babies especially when they start crawling. Therefore, baby proofing is key at that moment. Ensure you tackle any hazards that your baby might come across as they crawl. Remember you should expect to spend some couple of years monitoring the little crawler’s every move they make.

The tips below will enable you to baby proof your home so that safety of your baby is enhanced.

  1. Maintain cleanliness in your kitchen.

Your kitchen is an important area in your home since all the cooking is done there and it can sometimes get messy. Although you are not the type of people who are tidy, you should always keep your kitchen clean when you have babies or toddlers in your home. Without cleaning your kitchen, the chances are that some food remains will be all over the ground which raises the chances of your baby ending up eating the food remains. Ensure thorough cleanliness of items in the kitchen is maintained including your pressure cookers and any other appliances. You can also get a guide for buying best and easy to clean kitchen appliances by visiting the juzz. We provide buying guides that will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing kitchen appliances.

  1. Keep your baby distracted

If you have a kitchen cabinet at your home, you can put attractive colored plastic playing toys and containers that you feel they are safe at the bottom of your shelf or cabinet. This will help keep them preoccupied while you prepare your meals. This will minimize chances of your baby roaming all over your house where they may end up hitting some dangerous objects.

  1. Lay a soft landing

Ensure your floor is covered with a carpet that is clean and soft enough to play on. Ensure the carpet is tough enough to withstand wearing out since your baby will spend most of his time playing on it and it might wear and tear more easily. A strong waterproof stain proof carpet makes the best choice since it will save your money and frustrations for a longer period of time.

  1. Put away plants and planters

There are plants which are poisonous when eaten. Therefore remove such plants or simply put them far away from reach by your children since they might feast on these plants.

5.      Keep your floor cleaned always

For a crawling baby, it is important to ensure the floor is clean and free form any danger as it is a zooming place for your baby. Smaller objects should be put far away from a baby since they will always put everything that they come across in their mouth. Put your shoes outside to keep your house floor clean. This will prevent germs from making their way into your house. You should always sweep, mop and vacuum your house frequently.