Toddlers and Tech

By: Matthew From Toddlers and Tech


Childhood is the time for curiosity, even more so when one is a toddler. While parents use the various forms of technology as digital babysitters, toddlers get attracted and sometimes even addicted to devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and the television.

While most parents feel concerned about this attraction to technology, they fail to understand what it is that makes technology so compelling to their little ones. So, listed below are some reasons why toddlers love technology at such a tender age.

Observation and adoption

Toddlers learn life lessons and skills by mimicking the actions of those around them, especially their parents. This is precisely why they are always eager to operate smartphones and tablets and watch videos on large screens of computers and televisions. The more time parents spend using technology the more curious a toddler grows and gradually habits observed are adopted.

Toddlers employ their cognitive abilities hence, are able to identify the differences between the world around them and the one in the device. The vividly vibrant visuals intrigue them owing to their uniqueness, therefore instantly captivating children. Smartphones and other similar screens open a window into a distinctive world which toddlers find attractive and soon fall in love with. Also, since the visuals change rapidly on their own and on cue toddlers remain engaged.


The sounds produced by devices vary from the ones that toddlers perceive in their environs, so they are bound to feel attracted to unique sounds that draw their attention. Additionally, little ones get to experience music and singing for the first time through these modes of technology and since they can play them repeatedly and sing or dance along they fall in love with the specific type of technology.

Furthermore, toddlers revel in joy offered by the ability to play an audio or audio visual on their own, as it provides a feeling of knowing and being in control of the device.
A different dimension

Tablets, smartphones, the television and computers offer an entry into a completely different dimension where the amalgamation of colors, graphics, motion and audio create a world that is considered lovely by little ones.


Parents, grandparents and others often encourage toddlers to operate devices in order to help them learn, remain entertained and discover new and interesting things. They believe by doing this not only are they making their children technologically savvy, they are also helping them learn more from an earlier age. With the encouragement and access to technology children come to love it.
Also, since games, shows and other applications have been developed specially for toddlers they can’t help but fall in love.