Tomorrow I’ll be Kind

There are books that inspire, make you smile, make you think and keep you humble as you read them to your children. But it is rare to find a book that does all of these things for both you and your child. Author Jessica Hische’s debut bestselling book is a hit with both children and parent’s it is no secret that the follow up will be just as successful.

Tomorrow You Will Be…

What was your small act of kindness that you have done today? If we each took the time to be truly kind to another, the world would completely change for the better. Whether it is a hug to your child, taking time to see through a task, or being true to yourself, these small acts of kindness are a beautiful thing.

What will you be tomorrow? Will you be kind? Will you surround yourself with love even if it gets hard? Your child will learn so many valuable life lessons. These simple acts of kindness will help shape the genuine person your child will become and it is a great reminder for yourself as well.

Jessica Hische not only wrote the book but illustrated it too. As a beautiful hand lettering artist and her adorable illustrations, your child will dive right into this story, identifying and loving these sweet characters. The colors are bright and bold and attractive to even the younger reader.

The Smallest Kind Gesture

Teaching a child about kindness is giving them the greatest gift they can give others. They will make friends they never thought of making, they will get to experience people they never knew they would experience and they will learn from others. Kindness is love, it opens doors to new people and possibilities and it gives people their power back. When another believes in you, it helps you believe in yourself. What a wealth of information for the reader and great wisdom Jessica Hische has provided the reader.

Extra Credit

Have your children try to draw beautiful hand lettered words with words that inspire them. Send us the results!

Have you and your children write down acts of kindness that people have done for them and acts of kindness that they have done for others. Spread the love and light to others!

Tomorrow I’ll be Kind

A simple, beautiful book for children that has a message that is powerful for any child or adult. Read this as a beautiful reminder for yourself and a great teaching tool for your children.