Top 10 Fun Things to Do with Kids to Jazz up Your Holidays


Sarah is going to turn 3 this year- 3 years of me growing with my child, learning to master the art of juggling work life and mum-life. The only times I get to take a break from this never-ending juggling are holidays.


Being able to spend an entire day with my kid, watching her jump, hop, talk, laugh, fall, rise and laugh again does some indescribably great things to me.


Since I get proper holidays only 2-3 times a year, I make sure to prepare my “to do list with Sarah” a week prior to the holiday week.


I’m not saying you too should chalk out a schedule like me. But you can definitely borrow some ideas from me about how to make the most of your alone-time with kids.


So, here below I’ve listed a couple of super fun activity ideas at the top of my mind-


  1. En route Disneyland: I’m yet to come across any human, little or big, who doesn’t love Disney. Worried about lugging around heavy bags and water bottles while traveling with an infant? Simply get a disney stroller. Unload all your luggage in it, let your kid hop in and you guys will be sorted for the rest of the day.


  1. Cook and bake: While making bread, encourage your kid to help you prepare the dough, make choco chip cookies and assign them the crucial job of sprinkling chocolate chips. Bake pizzas together, let them be in charge of the toppings. Your children will cherish these memories for the rest of his life, and so will you.



  1. DIY home decoration: Kids can be incredibly creative. And what’s a better way to utilize their creativity than helping them with DIY craft ideas.? Use their quirky and innovative creations for decorating your house.


  1. Capture moments: Immortalize the precious moments you are spending with your kid by video recording moments and clicking innumerable photos.



  1. Play: Swim, go for bowling, teach them how to ride a bike, play baseball or just get a sprinkler in your garden and run with your kids like ecstatic nomads around it, whatever floats your boat.


  1. Paint bombs: Explode paint bombs on a huge blank cardboard in your garden with your kids. Get messy, get crazy, get happy!



  1. Visit a library together: Introducing your child to the world stories, science, art, history and endless knowledge is one of the most satisfying activities you can indulge in during the holidays.


  1. Go on a hiking trip or camping: Do I really need to explain why?



  1. Build blanket fort: Cocooning inside a blanket fort in a dark room with a flashlight, some sandwiches and juice, telling your kids fantasy stories has got to be the best invention by mankind till late.


  1. Movies, popcorns and chill: What a better way to bond with your kids than over a popular (and kids appropriate) movie, T.V series or a soccer match?