Top 3 Best Sleeping Tips to Feel Amazing in the Morning

Sleep boosts your immune system, it regulates your appetite, keeps you alert and ensures that your overall emotional balance is in check, while also making you feel energized. These sleep tips can help you feel better in the morning.

Have you ever wondered why a colleague at work or your best friend always seems to be full of energy and oozing enthusiasm? Most of us have, especially when you are continually yawning and not operating at your maximum capacity, that cheery person just stands out.

How do they do it?

They don’t have more time at their disposal than we do. They might have children, and they most certainly have strenuous deadlines whether work or private. Their lives are as hectic as ours, but they stick to specific rules. In other words, they prioritize sleep in their lives. And the following are a few tips to help get you on that train to dreamland.

Creating the right space to snooze

This seems like the most logical thing in the world. Wouldn’t you rather sleep in a peaceful room that exudes all of the right colors, scents and is protected from the noise? It is the first step because when you follow the other sleep hacks in this article, you know that you have a unique haven that is sleep perfect to catch those sought-after ZZZ’S.

Now, make sure that the temperature in your bedroom is not too high. Also, reserve the bed for sleep and sex. By not watching TV, working on the computer, and using the mobile phone, the brain automatically associates the bedroom with rest. Another plus is that you keep those pesky electronic waves and lights away.

All that’s missing in your oasis of tranquility is the right bed and mattress. Once you have decided on the ideal bedframe that supports your mattress, Mattress Matchers is a good site to take you the rest of the way.


Prepare yourself for sleep

It starts in the morning and lasts the entire day. First, eat healthy, limit caffeine, stay hydrated and make sure you get enough exercise. Once you return home in the evening after work, gradually enter shut down mode until you naturally want to go to bed.

Our sleep is what our thoughts make it. Good sleepers think of sleep before going to bed. In other words, they meditate, convincing the brain to switch to more harmonious and calmer thoughts progressively. And most of all they do not stress about it. Don’t force yourself and think of pleasant things, and, please, stop gazing at the time. Not only that, sleeping on a comfy and clean mattress is extremely important according to smart vacuums. We spent about one thirds of our lives sleeping so make sure you are taking care of your body and not breathing in bad odors which could harm your health.


Stick to a schedule and follow some simple rules

Nobody wants to turn you into the most boring person on the planet. But you have to admit that those people who have their lives well organized and are healthy tend to stick to that which suits them best. And that is what you need to do for sleep. The mantra is ROUTINE and ABSTINENCE!

Limit the intake of stimulants such as alcohol, sugary beverages and tobacco (you shouldn’t be doing the smoking anyway). Make sure you have dinner a few hours before going to sleep and that the meal is light.

Try going to bed and waking up at the same time. Yep, no more sleeping in on the weekends – Okay, try and keep it down to once a week – that’s a compromise. Creating a healthy sleep pattern regulates your circadian rhythm, just a fancy way of saying your internal clock. And last but not least, if you have a partner, create the best routine together: have sex as often as possible; it will make you drowsy.