It’s time to book that vacation Mom to be! Congratulations Mommy, you are pregnant and you feel like you should have a comfortable vacay before you become a Mom. You deserve some rest and you have to save up all of your energy for baby. Where should you plan to relax, recoup and enjoy yourself before Motherhood takes over? We’ve got your covered! Here are the Top Baby Moon Travel Spots for 2018. Remember to check with your doctor before traveling and book that trip and enjoy!

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4 Top Baby Moon Travel Spots To Vacation In 2018

This British Territory is a Baby Moon heaven for pregnant Mommies to be. These romantic pink sanded beaches are a great place to swim or just relax and catch up on a great book. As of the dating of publishing, Bermuda is Zika Virus free so it is a perfect spot for pregnant Mommies to visit and enjoy.

Where to Stay

There are so many great places to stay but we recommend The Fairmont South Hampton. This hotel has 8 restaurants on site and is a top place to stay for Moms to be. Children are welcome so you can bring your other little ones if this is not your first pregnancy.

It has a kid’s camp, an indoor and outdoor pool and picturesque backdrops that will just make you feel like you found your little piece of paradise. It’s also close to the beach!

What to Do


The City of Hamilton is a shopper’s heaven so make sure to book a day checking out all of the shops and stores and enjoy all of the fun things you find.


Tobacco Bay Beach- It’s small and has colorful marine life that your family will love. This is so scenic that you can take a wonderful walk on the beach and get some beautiful maternity photos taken.

John Smith’s Bay Beach- This is your romantic pink beach! Swimming here is a must and there is a delicious lunch wagon during the summer. Treat yourself! Marvel at the pink sand and enjoy the beautiful rock formations around this stunning spot.

Clearwater Beach- Great for family and children and also the pregnant Mom! It’s perfect for you because the waters are very calm and it is perfect for wading and swimming, especially if you are not a strong swimmer. It is a stunning beach and you will have a wonderful time.

Bermuda is safe for Pregnant Moms, is family friendly if you’re bringing the whole family and has so much to do. Go at a leisurely pace and have a great mix of exploring and relaxing. We can’t think of a better way to relax and recharge before baby!


4 Top Baby Moon Travel Spots To Vacation In 2018

Cork has so much to see and do for the whole family and some incredible beaches that make it Ireland’s best. From sight-seeing to old castles to sitting in the sun, Cork is great in the summer to visit for all Moms to be!

Where to stay

The Jury’s Inn in Cork is right in the center of it all! It is next to the bus station. You can visit Blarney Castle by just going next door! The hotel is a  street down from the mall. Everything is walkable from this point and the beach is just one quick bus ride away.

What to do

There is too much to mention in one post. You can take a day trip to Blarney Castle which will be fun for the whole family. Walk the streets of Cork and enjoy its fun and fascinating food Culture. The English Market in Cork is fun to see to get some yummy dishes. Make sure to play the bells at St. Ann’s and walk Fitzgerald Park. It’s gorgeous. There are endless shops all around the city. Bring your camera and pose in front of the most colorful buildings!


Garrylucas is a Sandy Beach which has life guards on duty and has great beach access with both ramps and steps. This is a great place to just relax and crash. Rent a car and visit this wonderful beach in the south of Ireland.


4 Top Baby Moon Travel Spots To Vacation In 2018

The city of Faro is the Southern tip of Portugal and just a short ride to Spain. This place is perfect for beaches, shopping and relaxation and it’s no secret why it is a gem of a tourist destination. It is also close to many other small communities to see and explore. It has to be mentioned that Faro is an inexpensive getaway. You get a lot for the price. Don’t be surprised if your hotel or Air B n B is under $100 a night. The food is also exceptional and prepare to pay very little as compared to other European destinations.

Where to stay

Hotel Faro and Beach Club have very airy rooms and the hotel is equipped with a lovely spa for some pampering. Consequently, Air B n Bs are fantastic in Faro. It costs very little to feel pampered!

What to do

Located in the famous Algarve, you will have so much to do! From swimming to shopping, Portugal has some great souvenirs and shopping. You can also find some great Moroccan products. Visit The Ria Formosa to see the nature reserve and keep your eyes out for storks and their massive nests.  Castle of Silves is a hilltop castle with some excellent Moorish architecture.

There is also the Faro mini Bus to give you a great idea of the layout of the city in addition to some of its famous historical buildings. Be sure to do this on your first day.

Check out the Ria Formosa Cruise for some fun!


Be sure to speak to the locals for some hidden gems. Most of all,  Tavira Island and Culatra Island are gorgeous for relaxing and swimming. The white sandy beaches just seem endless.

Azores-Sao Miguel

4 Top Baby Moon Travel Spots To Vacation In 2018

Ponta Degada

The Azores is a hidden gem in the middle of the Atlantic that has temperate climates and an optimal place for pregnant Mommies. This Portuguese island has beautiful beaches, hot springs and that slow paced feel that you crave on your Baby Moon. Not to mention, the food is fresh and incredible. It is a foodies delight to indulge!

From incredible beaches to sight-seeing, you will come back feeling pampered and relaxed.

Where to stay

Hotel Tailsman- It overlooks the city center and is only a 3 minute walk to the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the rooms are two floored suites! Complimentary breakfast is every day.

What to do

Go swimming at the beach, walk around and enjoy the old city center and shop. There are caves for your family to explore. Enjoy Portuguese Cuisine and culture. This luxurious island is not as far as trekking completely across the pond. It has a wonderful warm climate for pregnant Mommies to be to enjoy! Hiking is wonderful for the active family. Take your camera! This views are incredible!


Praia das Milicias- Take a quick 7 minute drive to this wonderful beach and sunbathe, swim or just people watch. This beach is where it is all happening!

Which ever country you choose, our top baby moon travel spots to vacation in 2018 can’t be beat! Relax, restore and enjoy your time off.