If you have just bought a scooter for your kids, then you can start thinking of customizing them. Adding new components and modifying the scooters will help you add new functionality to them, and also helps you make the scooter look visually different from others. Below, we look at five simple ways you can customize a kid’s scooter.

Adding a headlight is a good way to add extra functionality to the scooter. And if your child has a habit of riding on late evenings, then the lights can become a very helpful addition. It can help the kid signal incoming people and other vehicles, enabling them to avoid possible accidents. So, if you are thinking of customizing your kid’s scooter, headlights should definitely be your top priority.

The scooters usually do come with a bell that kids can easily ring with one of their hands. Though this may be sufficient to act as a warning to oncoming vehicles, it might not be much effective under certain circumstances. For example, in a heavily noisy or crowded location, the voice of a bell might just not register any effect on other people. As such, you should consider replacing the bell with a horn which makes a good enough noise. Horns will surely have a much bigger impact than the bell.

If you want the scooter to have its own character, making it distinct from the other scooters, then the easiest way to do this will be by using stickers. Check with your kids what their preferences are. Some children will prefer to have stickers of their favorite cartoon characters while some will prefer their name to be displayed prominently in the most amazing way. Whatever their preference might be, stickers will definitely make your kid’s scooter the most unique among his/her group of friends.

Glow In The Dark
A very colorful way to customize the scooter will be to use glow-in-the-dark stickers or paint on them. Not only will the scooter look beautiful while whizzing through the roads in late evenings and nights, but you also make the rides safer for your children. When a vehicle is approaching from the opposite side, they will clearly see the scooter since it is glowing, thus helping avoid possible accidents. You can use the glow-in-the-dark stickers or paint on the sides of the deck, on handles etc.

Consider adding a basket to the front of the scooter so that your kids can have storage space to hold some of their things. Ideally, you should only attach a small basket which can hold a few things. If a large basket is added, then the speed of the scooters can reduce in case the child uses it to hold a large number of items.

Try out the above suggestions and you are sure to change the scooter for the better. But make sure that you only make the modifications after talking about it with your kid. And if you are yet to purchase a scooter, then check out the suggestions offered by MyProScooter. Their excellent reviews will easily help you find the best scooter for your child.