Top Corona Virus Questions for Families Answered: Dr. Sunitha Posina

The Coronavirus has been keeping families away from one another. With so much information out there, many parents wonder what to do. We have a top expert Dr. Sunitha Posina who is a board certified NYC Area Internist here to answer your big questions on how the coronavirus is effecting your family. Here are the top coronavirus questions answered for families.

If you have any questions, or immediate concerns about the coronavirus, please contact your doctor immediately. If you have any questions about coronavirus numbers, please contact your local city officials for up to date information.

Coronavirus Questions Answered By Dr. Sunitha Posina

  1. Can children get the antibody test?

We hear so much about the antibody test but there are so many misconceptions. Can children even get the antibody test?


 Children can get the antibody test, but families have to be more cautious about the accuracy and interpretation of these tests at this time. If you are positive, it is not necessarily reassuring that you had COVID 19 as other types of coronavirus (the ones known to cause common cold), SARS and MERS produce similar antibodies.


  1. If I test positive for COVID-19, should the rest of my household also get tested?

Anyone in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, is encouraged to get tested. Most importantly, they should also quarantine themselves and monitor for any development of symptoms.



If I tested positive for COVID-19, why would I get the antibody test? When I recover doesn’t that make me immune to getting it again?

If you had previously tested positive for COVID-19, you don’t necessarily have to get the antibody test, at least there are no guidelines suggesting doing so at this time. If you do get the antibody test and you are positive, we still cannot be certain that you are immune from being re-infected. These tests cannot determine immunity at this time given we are still in the process of learning more about COVID-19.