Top Dad Bloggers of 2020

Dad Bloggers are fantastic and we have a great list of the top Dad Bloggers from all over the world. From funny to heart warming, these Dads are here to give you everything from tips, product reviews, parenting stories and some really witty posts.

How Do We Choose A Top Dad Blogger?

These bloggers are in no particular order and we will continue to add to this list as the year goes on. We accept Dad Bloggers that post regularly (at least once a month), are engaging with their audience and really know how to captivate their niche. We have also kept Dad blogs that have stood the test of time and have older posts that are timeless instead of time sensitive. Our goal is to introduce you to bloggers that entertain, teach and care about their audience.

It is impossible to go through thousands of Dad blogs but we continue to search every day. If you think we are missing a blog that deserves to be on this list, get in touch with us!

We have compiled a list of the top Dad bloggers that we have found across the globe. Yes, this is the only global dad bloggers list so you get a perspective of writing from all over the world. These bloggers are listed in no particular order and we will be adding to this list as time goes on through out the year. Great bloggers are always born and we want to make sure you are getting the best around the globe.

Dad Bloggers

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One Hull of A Dad Rich was our Blogger of the year in 2018! You will love his inquisitive and honest posts as much as we do! He has an amazing/hilarious social media. This Dad Blogger (parenting & lifestyle) from Hull will keep you entertained. Make sure to follow him on all of his social media outlets.  | Co-founder of @Hashtagdadsquad | Enquiries email

DIY Daddy    One of our personal favorites! Dad to five inc twins, Nige writes about family, his experiences in life and as a parent and so much more. His honesty and integrity in every post always keeps us coming back to his site for more. He is a talented writer and we are happy to continue to follow him. Make sure to follow him on social media!

Gay NYC Dad  The best darn Dad blogger out there! Whether you are looking for some honest product reviews, some epic contests or just want to read about parenting stories, you will find everything you need here. If you are looking for a great blog about family, check out this multiple award winning blog.

Daddilife One of our favorite bloggers. Daddilife makes SURE that you have a Dad site that has everything. From health to lifestyle to his book squad, to reviews and his Dad’s at work section, you need to be on this site for everything Dad. His honest posts are refreshing, he is genuine, articulate and has a lot to offer any parent. Make sure to follow him on all of his social media.

Single Dad Blogs

The Dad Diaries Joseph is a film and TV director and producer who has lived and worked all over the world. He became a father through surrogacy. This incredible journey is documented on his blog and on youtube. From jetsetter to Dad this man is living the life as a single Dad with his adorable twins! One of our new favorite Dad bloggers, Joseph has great travel stories, reviews, parenting stories on both youtube and his blog. The photography is gorgeous. Make sure this blog is one of your favorites too.

Inside Martyn’s Thoughts  Dad and Home Educator. Parenting, Lifestyle, Food & Education blog. We love the My Little Chef section for yummy and easy to make recipes. Martyn’s thoughts are honest, raw and he is always keeping it real. The Being a Man’s Man and Man up post is a must read for parents. Martyn puts great thought into each post and knows what parents are thinking about and interested in learning more about. This has been a top blog favorite for years and if you visit, you too will know why!

Blog of Dad  Looking for the perfect Dad blog? Look no further. This Australian working dad, has everything from reviews to fitness and food to photography and even a dedicated section to travelling to Japan with a toddler. This site is easy to navigate and is great for all parents. Must read.

Dad Fixes Everything  Evan is raising his beautiful three year old daughter and knows it can be tough. However, he answers those parenting questions you may have so everything is in one easy place! Make sense of this crazy parenting world as this Dad fixes everything!Dad Fixes Everything tackles parenting problems and roadblocks in a quick and practical way. Find fast DIY answers to things like “what should I do if my toddler drinks spoiled milk?” and “what the heck should I do with my kid today?” You will realize quickly why this is one of our favorite blogs of 2020!

At Home Dad Matters  This blog is fantastic. (Dada) Mike Heenan is a Stay-At-Home-Dad (SAHD) of two young daughters in Northern California. He is a devoted husband, author, avid reviewer, and  Huffington Post blogger. He has been featured on the Today Show, FOX News, FOX and Friends, KGORadio and is a featured blogger for the National At Home Dad Network. He is a contributor to Dads Behaving Dadly, a book of fathering stories that hopes to dispel the antiquated notion of dad as the inept dolt or emotionally unavailable paycheck proxy. He is available for chit-chat, appearances, assignments, guest posts, and all sorts of artistic collaborations.

Life of Dad Show The Social Network for Dads. Life of Dad features thousands of fatherhood blogs, videos, podcasts, photos, celebrity interviews, and more. Such a great resource.

Tshakaarmstrong This Dad is not only a cofounder and CEO of a non profit organization, Digital Shepards, but is also dedicated to informing you, the parent on tech digital literacy. From protecting yourself online to equipping underserved youths with computer science education, Tshaka is always giving back to the global community. You will learn a lot and you can also get involved to help others! Such a great blog that is a wealth of information, insight and entertainment.

Diary of The Dad Tom Briggs is a proud Dad of three with inspiring personal posts, honest reviews and experiences and so much more. It’s no secret why this is an award-winning UK Dad Blog. Make sure to follow Tom on social media and keep coming back to the site. Be sure to check out his 40 before 40 as well!

adriankulp The Dad or Alive blogger was a Stay at home Dad unexpectedly and out comes this highly entertaining and insightful blog for parents. 2020 is going to be huge for this blogger as he is real, honest, and incredibly insightful. From fun giveaways to awesome posts, you can spend hours learning and relating to this blog.

The Out of Depth Dad Who knew parenting was so tricky? It does not have to be with The Out of Depth Dad. Chris does not lecture you nor does he give advice. This is not the place to get the best recipe or best review. It is the place to get honest posts about Chris’ experiences as a stay at home Dad. His journey is completely relateable as he navigates a world that is unfortunately not ready to see men as primary child-carers. With bloggers like Chris, he empowers families where Dad stays at home and gives insight to all. Love this blog and what it is about. We like his down to Earth approach.

TedRubin‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.This blogger is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators and in March 2009 started publicly using and evangelizing the term ROR: Return on Relationship™. He also wears so many other hats. A must read!

DaddyisBest Using Humor as a Survival Tool Speaker, Published author, Blogger, Superhero in Training and Daddy and hubbie. RT for Daddies and men Tell me a joke.

Playground DadA great blog with reviews, ideas and wellness for the whole family. Playground Dad reviews products that parents and kids are actually interested in. We learned about a new princess chair from him. He’s modern, fun and a great page to keep visiting. We love this site!

dadarocks Adam is a native New Yorker who is up for the task to review the best products for families. He hosts fun giveaways and attends great events in New York City. Not sure about that new movie? Trying to understand that new gadget? Get the low down here as this blog feels like a trusted friend you can always turn to.

My Captains Blog You don’t have to feel like you are navigating those stormy waters of parenting anymore! We trust the captain! With the best blog title posts we have ever seen, we have been entertained, learned a lot and walked away with some life lessons on the way. Our recent favorite is The 1 Lesson the baraccuda taught the captain. Check it out and everything else!

Designer Daddy  We have been following this blog for a while and we have to say, we are so proud of DD for sharing his weight loss journey with his readers. We have learned so much about commitment can change your life! Designer Daddy is also honest, raw and has insightful posts that will get you to think. Get your Dad blogging self over to Designer Daddy and be a long term reader like us!

The Good Bad Dad  Are you a good bad Dad? We are all just doing the best we can! Good Bad Dad has an amazing blog. We recommend it to any parent who enjoys a great read but who is also looking for that pick-me-up. You’re not alone and you’re going to raise great kids while acknowledging that you are doing your best. A blog for all Dads.

The Stented Papa Tales of a Stay-At-Home-Dad. Get some great Healthy Eating tips, product reviews, the great ‘he said-she said series’ and feast on this fun, innovative and honest blog. We love it! You better visit today!

Scantily Dad A blog where everyone belongs, especially couples and families struggling with IVF. You get to read all about this families challenges with IVF. What you will gain from this is a positive fun perspective on life, a renewed sense of peace for life and also a healthy dose of inspiration. That’s not all! You will learn about infertility, have a blog post all about twins (great for parents of multiples) and some great reviews. One of our favorites.

daddyintheraw This blog hits home with us. A work from home Dad making it work! After Dr. Ben left a 6 figure job, he made this amazing blog! Daddy in The Raw is just that, raw, honest and relateable. This blog will make you feel better about being a Dad and what it is truly about. Good honest reviews as well.

Dad Hard This is the hardest Dad Blog on the planet and we are fans. Every Wednesday Kevin posts humorous, fun posts that Dads will love. Raw about issues of parenting politics and more. For those who skim blogs, there is a takeaway section that is awesome. However, you won’t be skimming Dad Hard pages. This stuff is gold! Follow Kevin on all of his social media.

robainbinder – Digital Dad This Dad we are always learning from! His honesty about his beloved Angela’s passing (she just sounded so wonderful) will always be in our hearts and minds. We also love the home improvement section and we have learned so much. The product reviews are detailed and personal which has helped us make some decisions on potential buys. Rob also talks cars, food and our beloved barbeque. You also get his personal touch through out the site and there are some great life blog posts too. Put this blog in your favorites because you it’s going to be a great companion for you as a parent and as a person.

imnotgrandpa A great blog about a 50 something year old first time Dad. His wit, humor and love for his family has his audience loving his posts. He is honest, raw, funny and has timeless posts. He makes the reader feel like real life starts at 50 and judging how great this blog is, it’s a great life.

This Adventure Family The Pollard family is the family on the go! These adventure seekers travel the world. Ryan, together with his wife Natalia, homeschool, travel and are always on an adventure. Whether your family aspires to do the same or you want to live vicariously through them, this blog is fun, full of great ideas and you will walk away learning a lot. This Cheddar Dad’s blog is a must read.

youthedaddy This London Dad has everything for Dads and dads to be. From insightful and witty posts about pregnancy and babies to making the world for our kids a better place, this all around blog has to be on your Must read Dad list. It always has us laughing but also the honesty and insightful posts make this an A+ Dad blog. You have to read this one.

The Dads Net  Al is the founder & CEO of The Dad Network; one of the UK’s fastest growing network of dads and most influential dad blog. The Dad Network is an online parenting platform connecting dads to resources, entertainment and each other across the globe. The Dad Network hosts over 30 local meet-ups around the UK and a handful overseas as well as the UK’s largest annual dad convention; DadCon. The Dad Network has a number of social platforms, including its own YouTube channel, reaching hundreds of thousands of parents each week.

Slouching Towards Thatcham  This Dad has everything on his blog from politics to personal posts. From product reviews to subtle reminders to the reader that life is not always about the successes but more about family, togetherness and being together. Don’t miss the musical parodies and keep informed by visiting the viewpoints tab. A great read and once you visit, you will keep coming back!

More Top Dad Bloggers:

Neu Dad Mike Oldham is an Event Manger and a great blogger. Learn more about the Dad, the man and you’re not cool unless you are listening to his podcast! This modern Dad has some stellar interviews (check out the one with Tim Crowther- among others) and really gives the reader/listener the feeling that they can be a Dad and still be themselves. Keep up with Neudad and follow him!

I Wrote Those Coffee-guzzler. Cake-devourer. Moody Writer. Recovering ice cream addict. Dad to a 4y ninja. Goes into survival mode if tickled. In search of sleep & the Shire. Occasional posts that are witty, fun and touching. A Dad who really understands what it takes to be a parent. This blog is an ally to Dads everywhere.

Dad Mode: On Full-time Dad, part-time photographer, lifetime lucky husband. This blog makes Dads THINK! It’s true that you can sit back and read Dad Mode On’s blog posts like a good book, all at once. Binge on each post as they are well written, raw and make you think. A recent post about Asian role models really got us thinking about what our children need to see and what the media is portraying. Excellent writer, beautiful photographs and a lot of heart in every post.

It’s Adam Again MD of design, print & digital agency. Adam reviews experiences, Dad Days out and gives great advice on activities. He also does music reviews and enjoys photography. This is a great site for Dads who are versatile and have a lot of different interests. The toddler photographs are moving!

Chronicles of A New Dad  This blog is just salt of the Earth. It’s so touching and reminds us to be ourselves with our kids. If you’re looking for that personal experience with a lot of soul, this blog is for you. Peter also knows what he is talking about. With two Master’s degrees in the area of elementary education, he brings expertise with every post. With the lovely Mom Stephanie they together raise this lovely family. A great blog to keep coming back to.

funnydadinc   Jokes, blogs and videos on the funny business of parenting from corporate comedian and Chicago Tribune humor columnist Greg Schwem. Be prepared to laugh, enjoy his books and of course the video that made it all. Everyone loves Greg!

Daddy Poppins Blog Daddy Poppins quit his job to look after his kids. Now he has this incredible blog that everyone (including us) loves. If you are just exploring the Dad blog scene for this first time, this blog has to be at the top of your list. This Irish Dad Blogger not only has great posts, he is a force to be followed on social media. Be prepared for Dad jokes. He is hilarious and witty and honest posts.

Stories About Autism  James is a dad to two amazing boys who you will love! They are currently non-verbal and autistic. Jame takes us into their everyday lives. He keeps it honest and along with his great podcast, he interviews other people from the autism community. He lets them tell their story. A great blog for all families! You will walk away with so much with this blog (and podcast!)

Dad Blog UK Married stay at home dad with 2 children. Parenting & lifestyle blogger, writer, vlogger & commentator. Excellent blogger who interviews some great guests. The posts are great for self-care and making sure that you are alright while you navigate this crazy world we call parenting. Dad Blog UK will always give you honest posts, great guests and have those special posts that will make you think. A brilliant choice for any parent looking for a great blog. Winner: Best UK Dad Blog, 2016 Vuelio Blog Awards.

More of our favorite Top Dad Bloggers:

The Yorkshire Dad The Yorkshire Dad has great advice (recent post of a top carpet cleaning tips will make it look like you have a brand new carpet!) He does great and honest reviews, loves golf (great for the golf lover to follow) and gives free resources to reputable charities. A blog you must follow (it’s one of our favorites).

One Dad One Blog A great blog that has everything from reviews (great tech reviews) a Disney section that is so helpful to parents and families and a top tens section that is so entertaining. We love that this blog is unique, fun and relateable. The Dad Cave section is a must see.

Dashing Dad  The ultimate stay at home Dad blog! This Canadian Dad shares his awesome adventures and favorite things to do. He is engaging, witty and also opens up, sharing stories of his daily life with his two adorable little ones. Such a great site with reviews as well. A great spokesperson and THE ONE to trust on everything about one of our favorite cities… Calgary!

Get Connect Dad A site that has it all including a 5 week “Connected Parenting” Course that Dads will like. Check out this site and see how you can get on track and stay on track as a parent!

Casey Palmer This fun and Canadian Dad has a great podcast, some incredible stories about Black Canadians and a fun section about all of his travels as a Dad abroad. Follow Casey as he attends fun events, parenting and creating killer content. His positive energy is so catchy and he will be that blog you need to be yourself and explore what life has to offer.

Dad Camp  A great blog about Buzz and his boys! It has been seen everywhere! Creative and modern parents are welcome, this is your space! This is a great place to discover new and exciting things to do with your family. You will get great tips and advice on how to navigate parenthood. Dad Camp is not just a site, it’s a lifestyle! Follow Dad Camp and be prepared to find a community of likeminded Dads.

Dad Goes Round This Canadian Dad of three girls has a blog about fatherhood, kids and current affairs. He also makes stuff at so you have to go and support him. WE love Chris not only for his blog about parenting but being so genuine about mental health and just caring about yourself as a Dad. His honesty in his posts help a lot of Dads out there. He also blogs about current affairs and puts out honest reviews. A great site for Dads looking to be themselves.

Dads Can Blog Too Just a Dad out to prove we have things to write about too. Eric gives Dads some food for thought about everything from his latest posts about the Fallacy of happiness to what being a Father is to him. Totally relatable blog that Dads are going to like. Make sure to follow him on all of his social media.

Dad Bloggers Instagram

Twinzer Dad This engaging Dad writes at Daddy’s Digest and has the best Twitter and Instagram Platform. This Yinzer is raising Twinsers and keeping the internet smiling. Keep visiting him everyday for fun and engaging posts.

Daddy’s Digest– Daddy’s Digest is not just a blog, but a space where Dads can share their stories, their opinions and thoughts. From personal stories to expert advice, Dads everywhere have a place where they can express everything “Dad.” Eloquent, non-judgemental and a movement for Dads. A site that welcomes all and gives a well respected platform for other bloggers. Visit over and over again!

Lunch Box Dad– This parenting writer has your lunches covered and so much more! Beau is here to help you make lunchtime fun for your whole family.  You will find creative recipes, funny pictures, and his thoughts on parenting and life in general. Come for the great posts, stay to be entertained!

Ben Spark– Drew is a big kid which means you have come to the right place for toy, movies, cars, food reviews and top travel destinations. He also does something really cool and unique. He posts a photo-a-day to his blog and posts daily to his Youtube channel. This is such a fun site to follow. Join Drew and his family on this fun journey!

Dad of Divas This amazing blog has so many facets. It is one Dad’s quest to regain control of his Kingdom. Chris is the Dad to two girls where he shares the challenges of being a parent. He also spoils his readers with reviews, opinions, travel (some great travel tips for parents) and showcases other Dads in “Dad’s In The Limelight.” A fantastic blog with so much great information. You will keep coming back to this one.

Aaron is a Dad to three boys and has a fantastic site geared towards fathers. His witty, funny and real posts have earned him many accolades. A parenting website that really cares about the reader. There is also this post that everyone should read.

Dad Tribe is an amazing blog in India which focuses on being a good Father and a great husband. There is an incredible platform that aims to talk, reflect and introspect on various facets of fatherhood and bring Dad voices from across the globe. From standing up to Dad biases to talking about mental health, this blog is a hit with readers.

Always entertaining, The Apocalypse Daddy is the self-styled “Alternative Dad Blog.” Mark Fielding (the writer behind the Apocalypse Daddy) uses stories, movie parody, philosophy, particle physics, remote learning and Schrodinger’s Cat to explore the fleeting beauty of childhood, the universal joys and frustrations of parenthood and what it means to be a father in 2020/2021.

Some say a dad blog is no place for using Reservoir Dogs as a tool for exploring the cost of raising children; that sibling rivalry and sleeping patterns are too serious a matter for Shakespeare parodies and such humor and poetry should be kept for YouTube and podcasts. Some say Buddha, Bob Dylan and Marcus Aurelius speaking at length about the resilience, mind-set and unending positivity of children is no substitute for a security gate review. Some say the Apocalypse Daddy is a breath of fresh air, a diamond in the roughest year on record. Read on and decide for yourself.

If you are still looking for your dad blogger fix, we recommend the Dad2summit. Where marketers, media, experts, and parents discuss and define modern fatherhood!

We have found our top Dad bloggers of 2020. Check out our list from previous years.

Top Mom Bloggers

Bloggers will be added periodically through out the year. Bloggers must be blogging for at least six months and must be writing regularly to be considered. While checking out these amazing Dads, learn more about the top Mom Blogs of 2020.