Danish boy names are some of the best names in the world! They have great meanings and are favorites of families not only in Denmark, but around the globe. We highlight some of the best Danish boy names and their meanings. Here are the most popular Danish boys names that you are going to love.

How To Choose A Boy’s Name

Choosing a boy’s name does not have to be daunting! Parents can be inspired by many factors to name their child the perfect name. Here are some of the ways people choose a perfect boy’s name

Naming After a Grandparent or Loved One

Choosing a loved one to name your child after is an honor for the person who is giving their name to a baby. Choosing to name your son after their grandfather, uncle or close friend is an honor. It increases bonds between families or friend circles. It also will create a bond between your baby and their namesake. Namesakes are a way for a very special name to live another generation.

Naming After Something You Love

It is becoming increasingly popular to name your son after things that you and your partner love. For example, if you are outdoorsy people you may choose to name your child Ebbe, (which means as brave as a wild boar). These adorable names reflect what the family stands for, is about or something that they just love to do.

Naming A Child Because of the Names Meaning

Naming your child because the name has a beautiful or strong meaning is another way parents choose the perfect name for their son. Choosing a strong boy’s name or a name that reflects what you think your son will be like is becoming increasingly popular with families. For example, a strong boy’s name like Kalle meaning warrior would be a great strong boy’s name for families.

50. Ebbe

We like the name Ebbe. This strong boy’s name means brave like a wild boar.

49. Philip

A name that has been popular for centuries. The name Philip means one who loves horses.

48. Birk

We love forest names. This forest boy’s name means “Birch tree.”

47. Kalle

Kalle is a perfect Danish boy’s name. This strong boy’s name means “warrior.”

46. Pelle

This name has a very interesting meaning. Pelle means “skin”, or bald.

45. Walter

This strong Danish name is a favorite amongst families. Walter’s meaning is “a commander in the army.”

44. Marius

This strong boy’s name means “one who is dedicated to Mars.”

43. Erik

If you are looking for a regal name, Erik is perfect for your family. The name Erik means one who is a “ruler.”

42. Christian

This name has a powerful meaning, “one who is Christian”. The name Christian defines one who is a follower of Jesus Christ.

41. Adam

The name Adam is not only popular for centuries but it is also Biblical. It is the name in many religions of the first man on Earth. The name Adam means “son of the Earth.”

40. Vincent

The name Vincent is popular from around the world. This strong boy’s name means to conquer.

39. Johan

This religious name means “God is gracious.”

38. Milas

The name Milas is very spiritual. The name Milas means “miracles.”

37. Villum

This strong boy’s name is a favorite amongst Danish families. This name means one who is a protector.

36. Villads

Villads means one who is desiring battle.

35. Storm

The name Storm or Stormr means something different in Denmark. It is described as one who is dramatic.

34. Konrad

This strong boy’s name is a Danish favorite. This name means one who is a bold advisor.

33. Anker

This is an exciting name because it is an occupational name. Occupational names are names that people were named of based on their families occupation. Anker would be an anchor on a ship or “one who makes anchors.”

32. Lauge

This beautiful name means one who is a “partner”.

31. Albert

The name Albert means “noble and bright.”

30. Theodor

This beautiful name means “divine gift.”

29. Hugo

This name means “heart, mind and spirit.”

28. Louie

This strong boy’s name means “famous warrior.”

27. Frederik

One who is a “peaceful ruler.”

26. Alexander

This name means one who is a defender of men.

25. Matheo

The Danish version of Matthew. This name means a gift from God.

24. Anton

Anton is a strong boy’s name. The name Anton means “priceless.”

23. Felix

We love this bright boy’s name! One who is happy, fortunate and content.

22. Nohr

This name is hundreds of years old. It will definitely show you the way. This name translates to “north.”

21. Elliot

Elliot is such a great name. This religious name means “The Lord is my God.”

20. Liam

We see that Liam is the most popular name in the United States and it has made traction in Denmark as well. The name Liam means strong willed protector.

19. Magnus

This strong boy’s name is a favorite amongst families. This name translates to the “greatest.”

18. Otto

This name means one who has acquired “wealth.”

17. Viggo

One who is in a battle.

16. Elias

Elias is a name that is centuries old but still is very popular in Denmark. This religious name means “the Lord is my God.”

15. Theo

Theo may be short for Theodore but in Denmark it is a popular name on its own. This name means “God’s gift.”

14. Victor

If you are looking for a strong boy’s name, look no further than Victor. It means one who is a conqueror.

13. Emil

The name Emil is inspiring. This boy’s name means “to strive.”

12. Aksel

This name is timeless! This name means the “father of peace.”

11. Malthe

Another strong boy name is inspiring Danish families. This name means one who is in “power.”

10. Noah

This religious name means “rest.” Also, it could be after Noah from the Torah, Bible and Quran.

9. August

It’s no secret why this positive boy’s name is in the top ten. The name August means “to increase.”

8. Valdemar

This name means “brightness.”

7. Lucas

One who is the person who “brings light.”

6. Arthur

This name means bear.

5. Oliver

The name “Oliver” actually derives from “the olive tree.”

4. Alfred

We love a name that is popular. It is no secret why Batman’s confidant was named Alfred. This name means “wise one.”

3. William

This popular name is loved through out the world.  It means one who is a “strong willed warrior.”

2. Karl

It is no secret why Karl is the second most popular name in Denmark. Karl means a “freeman”.

1. Oscar

The most popular name in Denmark right now is Oscar. Oscar means the “spear of Gods.”

Exotic boy names are used by families all over the world. Danish parents love unique names. Some unique Danish names include Asbjorn ( the God of bears),  Fritjof (one who disrupts the peace) and Gregers (one who is watchful).

Rare Danish Boy Names

We love popular boy names in Denmark but what are some of the great names that are more unique? Here are some Rare Danish Boy Names that you and your entire family will love.


The God of bears.


The one who disrupts the peace.


The one who is watchful.


One who makes wagons.


One who is just.


This name means “wish.”


A partial Danish person.

Unique Danish Boy Names

English names are becoming increasingly popular in Denmark. As you can see from the top fifty Danish boy’s names, there are some English names dominating in that list. Alternatively, if you are looking for authentic Danish names, there are some great ones. Scandinavia in general share a lot of similar names. Here are some great Danish boy names that you are going to love.


This name means eagle.


This name is very rare as V is not a popular first letter in Danish names. It means a wide warrior. We believe this was borrowed from Norway and crept into Danish boy names.


This strong boy’s name means wolf.


This name means secret lore. We love this whimsical name!


This beautiful boy’s name means blessed.


This strong boy’s name means “eagle.”


May people like the names that are names of animals. The name Bjark means one who is strong like a bear.


The spear of God is what this beautiful boy name means.


Hagen is a very spiritual name. This boy’s name means “the highest son.”


The name Hjalmar is a strong boy’s name. The warrior who fights with a helmet.

With over 18,000 approved Danish boy names, these are just a few of the great names that people in Denmark use for their children.

Danish Boy’s Names

We hope that these names have inspired you to find the perfect boy name for your little son. Alternatively, check out our baby name generator to pull up many inspiring boy names at once! In a matter of seconds, you can choose from some great boy’s names and find the right name for you.

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