By: Taryn Ovens


I know it can be hard to try and figure out what to get as the perfect baby shower gift. For those who want to be different and not have the same idea as everyone else that typically includes receiving blankets, wash cloths, newborn onesies, and body washes. Even though those are essentials and every mom needs them, you might get too many of them. Here is a list of some great unique ideas to give as a baby shower gift, which any expecting mama’s would love J

1)      Electrik Kidz sleeping gown (also known as the dormeuse) is a perfect idea for newborns, great for quick changes in the middle of the night. Just simply untie the bottom and roll up for easy access to that stinky diaper. This gown also has little mitts attached to cover those tiny little fingers and stop them from scratching at their wee faces. This one is great for gender neutral also. Retails for $38




2)      Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag- This is a great option for friends wanting to go in on a gift together, and because these awesome bags can run a tad bit higher than the budget you set out for its great for splitting the cost.  Being a new mom you don’t want to have to lose your style, these bags come in many different styles but are great because they look like purses! But have the room of a diaper bag, with lots of pockets, a change pad, and a thermal for the bottles it’s a great way of being able to jam pack all those baby items into a great looking bag and still being able to look fabulous while feeling like you just rolled out of bed without brushing your hair. Retails from $79.99-$179.99



3)      Bummas – These little gems work wonders! Reusable cloth wipes are a great addition for the cloth diapering mamas or babies with sensitive skin. Help stop the irritation of having bums changed and saving those little tushies from rashes with these environmentally friendly wipes. They will not shrink or fade and come in some fantastic colors! Retail for $15





4)      Puj Tub- Bathe baby quickly and easily in your bathroom or kitchen sink, without having to bend over the bathtub and risk hurting mommies & daddies backs! Very simple to use just simply snap together and place in any sink, they are very flexible and will fit in a variety of sinks. The soft non slip material will not get mold or mildew, just unfold and hang flat for a great space saver as well. Comes in white, aqua, and kiwi. Retails for $45-$49



5)      Hug and Kiss Designs Inc- I now this doesn’t count as a gift but it is the perfect card to go along with your awesome gift!  Don’t let these cute little cards fool you, they may have a cute little teddy bear, or turtle on the outside but on the inside is a very humours saying. If you don’t know the new mama very well then stick with Hallmark but if you do and want to get a good laugh out of everyone pick up one of these beauties. You will be that person at the party who crossed the line but very worth it. Made in Vancouver owner Nikki has a great sense of humour and has a variety of cards for any occasion. Retail for $4.95

Hug and Kiss Designs

Hug and Kiss Designs