Top Japanese Girl Names That Start With K

 Top Japanese Girl Names That Start With K It is time to name your baby and you are thinking about using a Japanese name. Whether you are reflecting your babies culture by honoring them with a Japanese name or looking for a Japanese name to give honor to your baby, there are so many beautiful Japanese girl names that start with K! The letter “K” may have a strong beginning which brings a presence when you say the name.

We have the top Japanese girl names that start with K. You are guaranteed to be inspired by these beautiful and strong Japanese girl names. We have also included the names meanings ot help you make only the best choice for your baby.

Japanese Girl Names That Start With K

People love the sound a Japanese girl name makes when it starts with the letter K. Here are the top Japanese girl names that start with K. We promise you will find names that will inspire you.


This is a great forest name for girls. Kaede means “maple leaf.” Maple trees are resilient. They make delicious maple syrup and can handle all weather types. They are adaptable, beautiful and come in so many colors and shades. Kaede is a strong girl’s name that you would be proud to have. Choose Kaede for your little girl.


Kagami is a whimsical girl’s name. Meaning “mirror”, this name is an honor for your daughter. The truth is always in front of you and naming your child an honorable name like Kagami would be a great choice for your child.


Kameko is a beautiful Japanese girl’s name. This name means “tortoise child.” This meaning is a symbol for a very long life. A child to have this name as a beginning of a long life is a beautiful way to start off their beautiful journey. Choose Kameko for your daughter’s name.


This beautiful Japanese girl name means “Lord.” This strong girls name is perfect for a family who wants to give a powerful name for their baby. This name is an uncommon girls name in Japan so it will be unique to all who hear it.


Kaida is a strong girl’s name. Meaning “little dragon,” this is a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Dragons are mystical, wise and very strong. Kaida would be a strong baby name that signifies your child as unique, brave and someone who goes to the beat of their own drum. Choose Kaida for your little girl.


This is a great flower name for girls. Kanon means “blossom” and as you have your little blossom, she will grow in a beautiful, nurturing family. Choose Kanon for your little girl!


A baby is a blessing and so is Kei! Kei means “blessing” so if this is your first child or this child has finally arrived in your life, Kei is a perfect name. Children are a blessing so choosing Kei is a great idea for your daughter.


We all wish a great life for our children. Keina is a beautiful Japanese name. This name means “prosperity” which is all we could ask for. We want our children to prosper emotionally, physically and morally. What better name than Keina for your child?


We are fortunate if we can have a baby or adopt a baby. Kichi means just that “fortunate.” Parents who name their daughter Kichi can count their blessings every day. Whether you are thankful for your success, family or just being alive, start your daughter’s life off right by giving them a beautiful girl’s name.

Japanese girl names with a k


Begin your beautiful story with your baby by choosing the name Kimi! Meaning “beautiful story”, your chapter as a parent officially begins. Choose Kimi for your child!


Kin is pure gold. Meaning “golden”, honor your golden child with this beautiful name. This strong girl name will be inspiring.


This beautiful girl name is a sunny one! Meaning “ray” or “ray of light”, this name is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. It is also a happy, bubbly name to give to your daughter. Consdier Kiran for your baby.


For families who want to give meaning to their child’s name, this name is for you! This Japanese girls name that starts with K means “child of the seashore.” Maybe your family is in love with the beach or sailing or perhaps you believe your child will move quickly and strongly like water.


This name is perfect for the little sweetheart in your life. Meaning “purity”, this is a delicate and beautiful name for any child. Kiyo is easy to pronounce and goes well with both a long or short middle name of any language. Consider Kiyo for your perfect Japanese girl name that starts with K.


This is a beautiful and delicate name for a little girl. Kohana means “little flower” which is how many parents see their little girl. This is a perfect name for your daughter!


Koto is one of our favorite Japanese girl names. Meaning “beautiful harp”, this name is whimsical, strong and beautiful. Choose Koto for your little girl’s name. This name derives from the similar name “Kotone,” which is below.


For the musical family, Kotone is the perfect name for your daughter. Meaning “harp or flute sound”, this name is a fluid name that brings a lot of beauty to the child that holds it. If you are looking for a beautiful name or a name that honors music, sound and love, this is a beautiful name for your little girl.


Cuddle your little teddy bear a little tighter when you hear this cute Japanese girl name! Meaning bear, your child has a strong baby name that they will be proud of. It makes an adorable nick name as well!


Kozue is a great forest name for your child. Meaning “tree”, your child will have a strong and stable name to go through life. If your family loves stability or nature, this would be the perfect baby name.


This is a wonderful name for any little girl. Just like what any parent feels about their child, Kumi means a “rarely seen beauty.” This is exactly how most parents feel about their children. We bet your child is going to be a one of a kind gem, so Kumi is the perfect name for your child.

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