We had so many great blog posts submitted to us this week, we are so excited to show off all of the great blogs we have found from all over the globe!


Our Blogger of The Year, Momma Braga gets candid talking about her sister in law. She explains how she has Crohn’s Disease and how she lives day to day with it. A must read.

Are you thinking of traveling with your toddlers? Teeny Tiny Toddlers sets up up with success with this wonderful post about “winning when traveling with toddlers. “

Diaper Doom reminds us about that big Biodegradable Nightmare that is in every young families home. Yes, your babies diapers end up in a landfill and it really hurts our environment. There are other options. Read on!

Love You More Blog has posted the ultimate guide to raising girls! The good to the bad, this is a beautiful guide and reminder for all parents with little girls.

Parenting Expert To Mom talks about 3 ways to prevent temper tantrums. There is some great advice here!

Social Dad has a great post about feeding baby three easy recipes. Yum!

Mama at Heart celebrates her one year anniversary blogging! Read about this milestone.

Drooling Daddy talks about the tough topic of school bullies. A must read.

Daddy Burns the Salad talks about conversations with his daughter. This is great!

Mama Willmot gives advice about handling strong toddler emotions. We have all been there! A must read for parents of toddlers.

DIY Daddy tells us how his twins have turned five years old and reminisces how much they have changed. All parents can relate to this post.