Top Pregnancy Must Haves First Trimester

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Having a baby is so exciting. But what should you buy to make this easier for you? It is not that there is not enough information out there for new parents, it is that there is too much information out there! We know the pregnancy must haves for your first trimester and what you should avoid during your first trimester.

Every Pregnant Person is Different

A lot of what you need for your first trimester depends on how well you are feeling. Some women skate through their first trimester with no morning sickness, where others are so sick, wondering why they don’t call it “all day sickness.” Whatever the case, we have pregnancy must haves for every Mom.

What Should I Buy in My first Trimester?

These are the things a pregnant person needs. We have divided your pregnancy must haves into sections:

To Make You Feel Well- The little things that will make morning sickness a little less of a bummer.

Making You Feel Comfortable- Get comfy cozy and pamper yourself with our great ideas

To Keep You Informed- These items will help you be in the “know” of pregnancy and what is happening to your body.

To Keep You Feeling Yourself- A good parent always does a little something for themselves!

Pregnancy Must Haves First Trimester

Things that will make you feel well

Prenatal Vitamins

Always consult with your doctor before you start taking any form of over the counter pills!

Prenatal vitamins are often recommended for most pregnant people. Prenatal vitamins include but are not limited to folic acid, vitamins necessary for pregnancy and so much more. These vitamins will aid in keeping both you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. What a great way to start pregnancy off right! If you have not been taking these vitamins already, talk to your doctor about starting to take them now.

Ginger Cookies

If you are having morning sickness and you are looking something that you can eat that will not make you feel very sick, consider ginger cookies. For many pregnant people, ginger cookies calm the stomach and stop the feelings of heaving, nausea and illness. Moms are able to focus and keep something down if they are feeling very sick. Ginger cookies may not have been your go to snack before you were pregnant, but for many women in their first trimester, they are a go to snack now.


Sometimes in the first trimester, it is hard to keep food down. You may heave or throw up at the thought of food that you once loved. A lot of people who experience morning sickness are happy to report that saltines or certain crackers they can eat without throwing up or heaving. They calm the stomach and can be somewhat filling to a Mom who does not feel too hungry. Try to stock up on crackers as they can ease your stomach in those tougher times.


Things That Will Make You Feel Comfortable

A New Pair of Pajamas

As your body is changing, it is important to get a nice and comfortable pair of pajamas to make you feel comfortable. If you are in your first trimester during the winter, a nice and warm pair of thick, cozy pajamas will make you feel like a million bucks. Similarly, if you are experiencing your first trimester in the middle of the summer, get a light pair of pajamas. Stay cool in that hot summer sun. A nice pair of pajamas can be a best friend during these early months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is a perfect buy as early into your pregnancy as possible. We love things that you can use over time and a pregnancy pillow is one of those must have items to make you feel comfortable! A pregnancy pillow is in a U shape and you can prop it to keep you comfortable on the couch in those first few months or use it to curl up with when you are not feeling well. Later in pregnancy, it will help you sleep. After the baby is born, you can use your pregnancy pillow to prop your baby up for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. As your baby grows, you can use your pregnancy pillow to help prop your baby up, as long as you are close by. Similarly, your child will use your pregnancy pillow to nap on or sit around! The pregnancy pillow grows with your family and is a perfect thing to get as soon as you can!

Belly Band

A belly band is here to support your stomach as it grows. Some people experience back pain and leg pain and a belly band can keep you comfortable. The material is flexible, great for your back and abdomen pain. It will help you distribute your weight easily. This is great for later months or if you are beautiful and your baby belly is here, this is a great way to give you the support you deserve.

Yoga Pants

Treat yourself to some very comfy yoga pants! The stretchy material is great for your growing belly and the softness of it is perfect. It also looks great when you are going out and need a pair of pants that looks great and fits.

A Nice Water Bottle

Having a nice water bottle that is going to keep you hydrated throughout your pregnancy makes life that much easier. If you don’t already have one, invest in a water bottle that is going to be able to carry your recommended amount of water to drink daily. It is so important for a pregnant person to stay hydrated, so definitely pick a water bottle that is going to help you obtain your goals!

Maternity Pants

Getting one or two pairs of maternity pants if you notice you need something more comfortable is great! Pick something that looks great but most importantly, feels so comfortable. A good pair of maternity pants are great around the house and when you are running errands.

Things That Will Keep You Informed

What to Expect While Expecting Pregnancy Book

This book is the all mighty guide of pregnancy! What To Expect While Expecting gives you a step by step guide to absolutely everything you are going to expect during your pregnancy journey? This book can be a best friend, a companion and a comfort throughout your entire pregnancy. Make sure to get this book as early as possible so you can feel comfortable and confident throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy App

Pregnancy apps are a dime a dozen, but if you are always on the go, it is good to have a pregnancy app on your phone. What To Expects Pregnancy App is a great way to see how big your baby is each day, what to expect and some really great tips and tricks to keep healthy and happy during your pregnancy. We love how you can see that on week 11 your baby is as big as a lime! It really puts it into perspective the development of your baby.

Things to Keep You Feeling Yourself

Pregnancy Journal

With so much going on, it is going to be difficult to remember it all! From the first little kick to what the doctor said at your prenatal appointments, you may want to journal what you have experienced and your thoughts and feelings during pregnancy. Similarly, this makes a great keepsake for your child when they have grown up or just a wonderful way to keep memories to yourself.

Face Masks

Treat yourself to an at home face mask! Take some time to lie down and pick a face mask that has little to no scent. Relax and let your skin rejuvenate. This is all about pampering yourself! Take care of your skin and take some time for yourself, it’s all about relaxation.

Soaking Feet

This one is great. Make sure to soak your feet every couple of days. Bring a comfy pair of socks and some warm water and dunk your feet in for ten minutes. Lotion your feet and just take care of yourself and pamper yourself! You deserve it. Your feet may swell and feel not like themselves throughout your pregnancy, so it is always nice to send them a little love.

Epsom salts

Epsom salts are really nice to go into your foot soak. Make sure to pick your favorite Epsom salts to soften your feet. After you towel dry them, make sure to lotion them afterwards and put on a nice, cozy pair of socks or slippers.

Foot Scrub Brush

A Nice foot scrub brush is perfect during or after those foot soaks to just scrub off some dry and excess skin your feet may have. It is good to not only pamper yourself, but take special care of your feet while you are pregnant.


What should I avoid during my first trimester?

With so many great things to get during your first trimester, there are so many things that you should avoid. Some things you will need later in pregnancy and others you will not need at all.

Maternity Outfits Other Than Maternity Pants

Every pregnant body is different and early in your first trimester, it is hard to decide how much you will grow and change throughout these nine months of pregnancy. Some Moms to be do not show at all until they are eight or nine months pregnant, while others start to develop an adorable baby belly in their first trimester. You should not buy clothes by estimating how big you think you will become.

Maternity clothes are expensive and you don’t want to buy something that will be too big for you in a few months or too small for you! You also want to buy maternity clothes for the season of your pregnancy. If you will be giving birth in the summer, it does not make sense to buy that fabulous maternity sweater for that time.

Buying a few pieces when your body starts to change makes sense. Buy things that are transitional and comfortable. Something you can wear at an office or going out but also something that is comfortable enough at home. Buy simple and comfortable pieces and express yourself through your regular accessories and hair styles.

Wait for maternity clothes when you start to notice a change in your body.

Highly Caffeinated Snacks/Drinks

Caffeine is not recommended during your pregnancy. If you have high caffeinated snacks, try to avoid them. Talk to your doctor about alternative snacks that are both healthy and will satisfy your cravings. We love pistachios during pregnancy to satisfy that salty taste. Alternatively, for the sweet lover, try delicious high fiber fruits like apples and just a drizzle of caramel for an extra taste. Have fun with the healthy snacks that you can create.

What should I do in my first trimester of pregnancy?

In your first trimester of pregnancy, make sure to doing the same things you used to do! You don’t have to change, increase work outs or be upset about anybody changes. You need to know your body knows exactly what it is doing.

Make sure to give yourself grace. You may feel sick all of the time. That is not your fault. You may feel tired all of the time, again, that is not your fault. Realize that things are changing and the end result will be a baby! Be kind to yourself and realize you are creating another human.

First Trimester Caring For Yourself

Be sure in your first trimester to care for yourself! Here are some rules for the first trimester:

Ask for help when you need it

You are a super woman! But it is okay for even a super mom to need some help sometimes. If you have to ask for help, whether that is someone to talk to or someone to give you a hand with a task, that is completely okay!

Be Patient with changes

Some of the changes may be shocking. You may start gaining weight in your first trimester or have an adorable baby bump. Some Moms even notice stretch marks! All of this is okay. Be patient with these changes. You are growing a new life!

Have Some Grace and understanding of the process

Your body knows what it’s doing, even if you don’t know what it is doing. It is taking care of you and the baby and sometimes you may not be able to do the things you used to do.

You might not be able to run that 5k or even be able to keep food down! Some of your favorite things may bore you and some of your favorite foods might just go from being scrumptious to tasting awful! It is okay and this is temporary. Just relax and allow yourself to relax. It is completely normal to cancel plans, to not be “on” for everyone else. It is about taking care of yourself and giving yourself grace throughout this entire process.

Pregnancy Shopping List First Trimester

What should you buy to get you through your first trimester? Here is the ultimate pregnancy shopping list for your first trimester. Get ready with the essentials and some items to spoil yourself too! Each of these items won’t break the bank!

  • Saltines
  • Ginger snaps
  • Ginger cookies
  • Slippers
  • Epsom salts
  • Small soaking tub
  • Maternity pants
  • Yoga pants
  • Comfortable socks
  • Foot scrub brush
  • Water bottle
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Belly band

First trimester care package

first trimester gift ideas

If you are a friend to someone who is having a baby, sometimes it is nice to treat them! There are so many changes their body is going through. It is so nice to be pampered and cared for! Here is a fun care package you can make them for their first trimester!

-Crackers/ saltines- it calms the stomach and allows a pregnant Mom to fill themselves up if they are having trouble keeping food down!

-Ginger cookies- A yummy treat that calms the stomach. Some women even keep a small box in their purse!

-Ginger ale- calms the stomach and is a drink that allows some pregnant people to keep their stomach from heaving or throwing up.

-Face masks- a nice moment to spoil the pregnant person in your life! Revitalize and give love to their skin with a face mask.

-Foot Scrub- for a way to take care of their feet, use a foot scrub!

-Epsom salts- Makes the perfect companion to a long foot soak

– Slippers- A nice pair of slippers is perfect for Moms to walk around the house and just walk in comfort.

Pregnancy Essentials

The first trimester is filled with new body changes and new feelings. Give yourself grace, patience and allow nature to take its course. Go to your doctor’s appointments and be sure to ask questions to put your mind at ease. Make sure to get your first trimester pregnancy essentials so it makes that journey easier and makes you feel better.

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