Top rated baby carriers will help you to carry your little one along without hurting your waist or back. You will be able to hold the baby around your waist or on your back. You can do household tasks again! Toddlers often find it amusing. Babies are smiling while their parent has them on their back. If you take a peek at the market, there are several baby carriers that are labeled ‘top rated’. Let’s take a look at the different types of top baby carriers. Then you can assess which one is best for your needs

Different types of baby carriers

Not many people know that baby wearing has been an ancient practice and it is around us now for centuries. However, with the evolving technology and manufacturers making stuff according to the requirements of people, the baby wearing has also evolved. In the modern era, you have a number of different types of baby carriers that are there to address the needs of different parents. Here, we are going to list the common varieties.


Perhaps the most useful yet straightforward type of baby carrier is the wrap. It is a piece of fabric that will wrap around you and your baby’s body.


As the name suggests, this baby carrier is similar to a sling. It is a single piece of fabric that will go from over your shoulder. It forms a easy structure that is similar to a pouch and allows you to hold your baby in two different positions. You can either carry the baby in front of you, or you can attach the toddler to your hip. However, it is known to be a risky option. Many people avoid it due to the fact that it can cause suffocation and hip dysplasia.

Mei Tai

It can be referred to as a combination of a wrap and a soft-structured baby holder. There are  4 straps that are attached to the carrier (which may vary depending on the manufacturer and the model). The straps can be tied in multiple ways. This allows you to secure your baby and hold the little one in various positions.

Soft Structured Carriers

Another common type of baby carriers that are used are soft-structured carriers. These are a lot like backpacks and come with padded straps. Also, there can be buckles and other types of connectors to which may attach the baby holder to the body of the carrier.

Baby Backpack

If you happen to be a mom that has to work for hours while carrying your baby, you can opt for the baby backpack. A baby carrier is manufactured with either metal or any other solid frame which allows you to wear the toddler on your back. They are named among the top rated baby carriers and are easy to wear, comfortable, and secure.