Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists


In today’s world, many kids have different fears. Some are afraid of the dark, other are afraid of being left alone. But most of the children are afraid of dentists. One thing I know is that dentists are a very talented people who keep our teeth shiny and healthy, and no child should be afraid of them. If your kids also have the fear of dentists, here are a few tips you can use to help them overcome that fear.

Do regular yearly checkups

The best way to completely remove the fear factor in a child-dentist relationship is to take your child to dentist as soon as they start growing teeth. This will introduce the child to a dentist, who will teach the child all about their teeth, how they grow and what they become. From that point on, doing a regular monthly check is obligatory, and your child will grow up feeling the need to go and visit a dentist regularly.

Don’t scare the child

In case you’re afraid of dentists, don’t pass that fear onto your child. For their own sake, find the courage to go visit a dentist and bring your child with you. Show them that it’s nothing to be afraid of, and since you can do it, everyone can. Your child learns by example, so be a good role model and set a good one.

Don’t bribe your children with gifts and candies

The biggest mistake parents make is bribing their children. Never promise to give your child a candy if they don’t cry. Instead, tell your child that there’s absolutely no reason to be scared or cry, because there will be little or no pain. Encourage your child to embrace their dentist as someone who is trying to help. Present the dentist as a person who is very important, someone who is going to save their teeth from turning black. Be creative, and establish a connection between your child and their dentists.

“Oral hygiene is very important!”

Since they’re young, children need encouragement and pep talk. Don’t be one of those neglectful parents; instead, talk to your child and teach them everything. Talk about hygiene and how important it is, especially oral hygiene. Encourage your children to brush their teeth every night and after every meal. Tell them the importance of teeth brushing and why they are doing it. Once they truly realize how important it is to have healthy teeth, they will ask to be taken to dentist as soon as they notice something fishy about their teeth.

Right on time

Try and explain to your child that in case tooth decay occurs, the affected tooth has to be taken care of. Explain that timing is everything, and if you show up on time, you avoid any pain and discomfort. Teach your child about different types of teeth issues, and what may become of their teeth if they don’t take care of them.

A good place to start

Getting a family dentist is very important for keeping the oral hygiene at an optimal level. If you want the best for your child, take it to the very best. If you happen to in Sydney visit a dentist in Bondi junction. The area has some of the best child dentists in the world, so if you are living nearby and want to take care of your kids and their oral hygiene, schedule an appointment.

Eventually, your child will embrace dentist visits and realize they’re not a big deal. The best way to overcome the fear of dentists is to go and visit one as soon as you notice a change on your or your child’s teeth.