totDOT- A Beautiful Gift to Tell Others If You Are Expecting…Or Not


Family planning is supposed to be an exciting topic, but for many families, it can be an exhausting one. When your friends and family know you are having difficulty conceiving, the constant questioning can be hard on a Mom to be. Yes, you are thankful that they care, but it can be hard. totDOT is a company that takes these challenges into consideration and with their beautiful pendants, create a subtle and stylish way of telling people what is happening.


These 22mmx14mm charm is made of stainless steel. It can be coated with your choice of 18k gold or 18k Rose gold. Each pendant comes with a box set including 6mm paved CZ beads that easily screw onto the pendant post. The colors/colours are: Purple, yellow, green, blue, pink and white. So what do these dots mean?

dot6 dot5 dot4 dot3 dot2 dot7

These pendants are good for people who are expecting, not pregnant, not wanting children or parents of fur babies. Give a classy and subtle way of letting friends, family and co workers know whether or not you’re expecting!


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