Tough Like Mum Review

What does ‘tough’ mean to your family? Is it someone who is a sports hero or a major movie star? Many people look to the real everyday heroes who make the biggest difference. That is why we love Tough Like Mum. Mums are tough!

Tough Mums

For Kim, her mother is tough. She has to deal with some pretty mean customers at the local Red Roster restaurant, she takes care of Kim and always has food on the table. Kim wants to be tough like her Mum. When a field trip is offered that is quite a bit of money, Kim evolves her definition of tough. Both Mother and Daughter learn a life lesson that is so beautiful, it is guaranteed your whole family will learn a lot from this book.

Author Lana Button captures the true essence of the working parent and explores real life conflicts that families go through everyday. She hits the challenges head on and has the best message. Everyone always and continues to grow with love and understanding. A true class act, Button knows what families are really going through. Illustrator Carmen Mok delights readers again with her beautiful and relatable pictures. This award winning designer captures Lana Button’s words and keeps the children captivated with her beautiful characters. Another wonderful winning book by Tundra Books guaranteed to make you smile, relate and think.

Extra Credit

Have your kids draw a picture of who are the tough and strong people in their life. Why did they choose these people? What makes a tough person, according to your children? The conversation is going to be really a growth moment for your children.

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