This mindset and movement coach understands what you as a parent are going through everyday. Yes, it is hard to break a sweat and have fun when you are managing children, a home and a job. Finding just a few spare minutes can be a daunting task that many parents just give up and forget about working out all together.

However, Nadia has a plan that is something that any parent can get on board with.

Train Your Brain and Change Your Body! Expert Nadia Murdock Inspires!

Nadia Murdock on Breaking a sweat: it seems easy and something everyone wants to do at least once a day but is not. As Nadia Murdock tells us on our podcast Breaking a sweat is not easy when you have a child and a job, finding time to have 5 minutes alone is a challenge; carving out a half hour to stay in shape can at times seem impossible.

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We caught up with Nadia Murdock from Nadia Murdock Fit who details her way to fitness, eating and staying healthy, and finding balance in our lives by training our minds and changing our bodies! We all need more of it and we all need good roles models – count Nadia Murdock among the best!

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